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Our Digital Age Began in 2002

By one measure: That's when analog storage took a back seat

(Newser) - Humanity broadcasts a mind-boggling amount of information daily—try 1.9 zettabytes on for size, says a USC study . In other words, each person is hit with 174 newspapers’ worth of information every day, the Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, computers, libraries, DVD collections, and newspapers can store some 295 exabytes—... More »

Gunman Shot 21 Times, Lives

Tough New Yorker likely set record: forensic expert

(Newser) - A 23-year-old New York man likely set a record when he survived being shot at least 21 times yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. Angel Alvarez and Luis Soto exchanged fire in Harlem before police arrived and sprayed Alvarez with gunfire. Alvarez was shot 'in the arms, legs, abdomen,... More »

UConn Women Win 71st in Row

Top-ranked Huskies eclipse school's 2001-03 mark

(Newser) - The University of Connecticut women's team set a new NCAA record tonight, winning its 71st consecutive game by beating Notre Dame. The Huskies, who haven't lost since April 6, 2008, broke the record the school set from Nov. 9, 20001-March 11, 2003. UConn has trailed just 86 minutes in... More »

Jeter Breaks Gehrig's Yankees Hits Mark

Shortstop, 35, adds another as rain holds off long enough for game to become official

(Newser) - Derek Jeter broke the New York Yankees' hit record held by Lou Gehrig for more than seven decades, singling to right field in the third inning of tonight's game against visiting Baltimore.That gave the shortstop 2,722 hits, one more than Gehrig. Jeter, 35, added an RBI single in... More »

Families Join Manslaughter Probe in Plane Crash

(Newser) - Three families of victims in the Air France crash have signed on as plaintiffs in a manslaughter probe into the Air France crash, reports the BBC. Under French law, they'll now have access to investigative files. The Paris prosecutor launched the probe last week, which is routine in such cases.... More »

Vinyl LPs Make a New Sound: Cha-Ching!

Record sales spike 90% despite digital music, recession

(Newser) - The crackling, old-fashioned sound of vinyl LPs is back, the Los Angeles Times reports. Defying the digital music craze, record sales spiked nearly 90% last year and fueled a boom in brick-and-mortar music stores across LA. Why the uptick in a bad economy? Majestic artwork, the fun of LP-flipping, and—... More »

Judge: Cheney Won't Dump Records

Accepts aide's word that docs will go safely to Archives

(Newser) - A federal judge yesterday rejected historians’ and nonprofits’ complaint that Vice President Dick Cheney planned to illegally dump some of his papers, the Washington Post reports. The judge instead took the word of a White House aide that the documents would go to the National Archives as required. The ruling... More »

Lawsuits, Tech Glitches Keep Bush Emails Under Wraps

Millions still due to be released in a month

(Newser) - Technical snags and lawsuits are holding up the release of hundreds of millions of Bush White House emails to the National Archives, the Washington Post reports. Historians and nonprofits are in a legal battle with the White House, as administration officials sift through backup tapes to recover lost documents. "... More »

State Databases Drop Thousands of Voters

Centralized registration information was intended to clear up discrepancies, but propagated them instead

(Newser) - Thousands of Americans nationwide are facing reams of red tape after new state registration systems booted them from voter rolls, the Washington Post reports. Yesterday the Supreme Court rejected a challenge of 200,000 Ohio voters whose data conflicted with state records, but states such as Montana, Colorado, and Wisconsin... More »

Now on eBay: 6 Million Songs for Just $50M

World's greatest music collection is looking for a home, again

(Newser) - Record collector supreme Paul Mawhinney has put his collection of over 6 million songs on eBay, but with its value estimated at $50 million and a $3 million starting bid, bidders could be rarer than some of the jewels in the collection, the Idolator writes. "It's the history of... More »

Throw the Bums Out, Says Poll

Record numbers say congressional incumbents need to go

(Newser) - Americans are so unhappy with Congress that they've set a polling record. Fifty-three percent of those surveyed in a new poll say most members shouldn’t be re-elected, which might foreshadow a rough 2008 for incumbents, CNN reports. Republicans inspired more anger than Democrats, with 38% and 50%, respectively, saying... More »

Justin Time: Duran Duran Nets Timberlake

'SexyBack' singer pitching in on band's 12th album

(Newser) - An ’80s British rocker, his supermodel wife and a US musical superstar walk into a bar. This is no joke, the Times of London reports: It’s the launch of another Duran Duran comeback. Four-fifths of the rockers who made girls swoon nearly three decades ago get some help... More »

Radiohead Buyers Forking Out $2 to $9

Pay-what-you-want record earning media buzz, but has doubters

(Newser) - Fans are dishing out $2 to $9 to preorder Radiohead's pay-what-you-want In Rainbows album, reports the New York Times — as the plan wins hours of media and water cooler buzz. Many buyers are even getting the box set, with an extra CD and booklet for $82. But not all... More »

Bonds' #756 Ball Fetches $752K

Despite steroid scandal, record-breaking ball sells for more than $750,000

(Newser) - Barry Bonds beat expectations again, as his record-breaking ball sold for well above industry estimates. Bonds’ 756th homerun ball netted $752,467, while the ball that helped him tie Hank Aaron’s career record sold for $186,750. Some naysayers thought Bonds’ steroid scandal and sharp personality would dampen demand,... More »

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