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Why Does Brushing Make Food Taste Terrible?

Its chemicals mess with your tastebuds

(Newser) - Why does brushing your teeth ruin the taste of food you eat afterward? It's not about the mint taste interfering with your orange juice. In fact, it has to do with two chemicals in the paste, writes Daven Hiskey at Today I Found Out . Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium... More »

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

Keep your smile form scaring small children by avoiding these six dental mishaps

(Newser) - Nothing ruins a smile more then a set of filmy yellow teeth. Newsweek says you can keep your set sparkling by avoiding these habits:
  1. Constant coffee or tea sipping—stains teeth.
  2. Frequent snacking on sweets—increases the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Not drinking water after a meal—water washes
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2 Stories