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Major Obama Donor Accused of Fraud

Abake Assongba has a troubled past, 'Washington Post' discovers

(Newser) - Another donor-related headache for President Obama: Abake Assongba, a " bundler " who has contributed more than $50,000 to his re-election campaign, has troubles in her past including accusations of fraud to the tune of $657,000. The Obama campaign says it is reviewing the accusations against Assongba, which... More »

Show Us Your Money, Romney

'Washington Post' takes frontrunner to task for keeping taxes, donors secret

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has so far flatly refused to release either his tax returns or his list of fundraising bundlers, and that's "a striking and disturbing departure from the past practice of presidential candidates of both parties," the Washington Post says in an editorial today. Yes, demanding candidates'... More »

Big Obama Fundraisers Double as Lobbyists

Many bundlers 'indistinguishable' from traditional lobbyists, finds NYT

(Newser) - President Obama’s campaign has pledged not to take money from lobbyists—but some of its biggest fundraisers don’t look much different. Fifteen of the president’s powerful “bundlers,” who donate to the campaign and seek others’ donations, have raised some $5 million for Obama; while none... More »

Obama's 'Bundlers' Shift Into High Gear

President rakes in donations, but Wall Street turns to GOP

(Newser) - President Obama's big-money "bundlers" are on the rise, with at least 41 supporters now having raised more than $500,000 each for the president, reports MSNBC . That's a sizeable jump from the 27 bundlers—well-connected supporters who help candidates raise big money—reported three months ago. It'... More »

Fatcat Obama Bundlers Score Gov't Jobs, Contracts

About 80% of those who gave $500k or more now in administration

(Newser) - President Obama’s White House is packed with his top campaign fundraisers, which probably shouldn’t be too surprising—because mega-bundler Donald Gips was in charge of hiring them, according to a new investigation from iWatch News . Gips, the former head of Level 3 Communications, bundled $500,000 for Obama.... More »

White House Denies Giving Perks to Donors

GOP wants an investigation after newspaper report

(Newser) - White House officials are engaging in damage control after GOP Chairman Michael Steele accused the Obama administration of offering selected donors perks in exchange for big contributions. Steele’s charges stem from a Washington Times report today claiming that DNC contributors who give $30,400 or bundle $300,000 get... More »

Virginians Pour Record Dollars Into Election

State's newfound battleground status sparks funding fervor

(Newser) - With their home state up for grabs for the first time in decades, Virginians—particularly Democrats from the northern part of the state—are pouring money into the presidential race, the Washington Post reports. Thus far, locals have given a record $25.3 million to various candidates throughout the election... More »

Hillary Bundler Picks McCain Over 'Elitist' Obama

Lynn Forester de Rothschild to endorse McCain-Palin

(Newser) - Democratic fundraiser and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter Lynn Forester de Rothschild will endorse the McCain-Palin ticket today, Muckety reports. De Rothschild, who worked with the Democratic National Committee, has been a steadfast critic of the Dems’ decision to nominate Barack Obama, whom she called an untrustworthy “elitist” in a... More »

Obama Network of Big Donors Rivals Bush's

Bundlers chip in large portion of Obama's record haul

(Newser) - Barack Obama likes to point to the avalanche of small-money donations that account for a full half of his record $340 million haul. But he has also been carefully cultivating a network of big-money bundlers since his earliest days in the Senate, the New York Times reports. As a result,... More »

McCain's Elite Fundraisers Trump Obama's

But that could change when Barack matches his rival's disclosures

(Newser) - John McCain appears to be more reliant on funds bundled by elite supporters than Barack Obama, USA Today reports. More than half of the Republican candidate’s receipts, or more than $75 million, came from donations assembled by about 500 top supporters. In contrast, Obama’s top 500 pulled in... More »

Obama Has Big-Money Donors, Too

Billionaires and so-called bundlers account for half

(Newser) - Barack Obama has made much of his grass-roots fundraising, but he’s no stranger to big-money donors, the Washington Post reports. Seventy-nine bundlers—deep-pocketed backers who use their contacts to drum up even more cash—have wrangled up more than $200,000 each for the senator. Five billionaires are on... More »

Swift Boaters Resurface for GOP

Kerry angered over donations to fellow veteran McCain

(Newser) - The renamed Swift Vets and POWs for Truth—infamous for derailing John Kerry’s 2004 presidential bid—have returned, contributing and bundling nearly $200,000 to Republican candidates. This doesn’t “bode well” for clean politics, writes the Nation’s Christopher Hayes, who sought out Kerry’s comment on... More »

Trail of Hsu's Ambition Leads to Prison

Business washout satisfied thirst for power in political fundraising

(Newser) - After several failed business schemes in the 1980s and 1990s, Norman Hsu went home to Hong Kong to recoup and plan an ego-boosting second try at the American fast lane. The Journal fills in the gaps in Hsu’s story, revealing the busted bundler as a capable manipulator obsessed with... More »

Bundling Hits Its Stride

Donation gathering accounts for ¼ of money, is ‘chief source’ of campaign abuse

(Newser) - Bundlers have become the stars of 2008 campaign fundraising, the accounting for one-quarter of all money raised in the presidential race—up from 8% in 2000. Donors sought new inroads when soft money was restricted, and the gathering of donations has become “the chief source of abuse,” says... More »

‘Bundlers’ Rake In Cash, Harbor Ethics Gaps

Candidates’ biggest spenders launder money and break laws

(Newser) - "Bundlers"—political fundraisers who solicit other donors to give—are a standard feature of the presidential race, and many remain favored by major campaigns despite unethical and even illegal conduct. The Post spotlights questionable rainmakers in the Norman Hsu scandal aftermath, including one Hillary donor who gave $160,... More »

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