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Mighty Ducks Star's Mugshot Jolts Fans

Shaun Weiss, 39, arrested for public intoxication

(Newser) - A former child star known for his role in The Mighty Ducks found himself in a mighty pickle this weekend with California cops. A statement from the Oroville Public Safety Department cited by Fox News reports Shaun Weiss was arrested for "being under the influence of drugs" shortly after... More »

'Urkel' Just Turned 40

He's been busy in 18 years since 'Family Matters'

(Newser) - This just in from the Houston Chronicle's Department of Making People Feel Old: Jaleel White, who played quintessential nerd Steve Urkel in the '80s and '90s sitcom Family Matters, turned 40 on Thursday. In the 18 years since the show ended, White—who played the character for... More »

7 Child Stars Who Crashed and Burned

Fame didn't work out so well for them

(Newser) - For every Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes making constant headlines, there's a lesser-known child star ( Pippi Longstocking, anyone? ) getting in their own troubles. Radar rounds up 20 ex-child stars who "flamed out spectacularly." A sampling:
  • Jodie Sweetin: After playing Stephanie on Full House, she struggled
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7 Child Stars Who Ditched Showbiz

At least they're not in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons

(Newser) - Not all child stars grow up to be Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes . Radar rounds up some who turned their backs on fame:
  • Lisa Jakub, who played Robin Williams' older daughter in Mrs. Doubtfire, left the business at age 22 because she had "no desire to be a cautionary
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Shirley Temple Dead at 85

Remains youngest Oscar-winner ever

(Newser) - Famed child actress Shirley Temple died yesterday of natural causes at the age of 85, her family says. She passed away at her home in Woodside, Calif., "surrounded by her family and caregivers." Born in 1928, Temple soared to fame in the 1930s; she was three when she... More »

11 Child Stars Who Sought Emancipation

Some just wanted to skirt child labor laws

(Newser) - Turns out Jaden Smith doesn't really want to be emancipated from his parents —but these 10 child stars, rounded up by the Huffington Post , did:
  • Drew Barrymore petitioned for emancipation in 1991, when she was 15, in order to skirt child labor laws that were restricting the hours
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'Matilda:' Here's Why Child Actors Go Nuts

Mara Wilson weighs in

(Newser) - Mara Wilson—perhaps better known to some as Matilda or the little girl in Mrs. Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street—is all grown up now, and she's glad she was never "Olsen twins famous," she writes on Cracked . Perhaps inspired by the recent troubles of Lindsay... More »

Kris Kross Rapper Kelly Dead in Likely OD

Chris 'Mac Daddy' Kelly's death probed as overdose

(Newser) - Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly, who soared to fame as a member of the 1990s teenage rap duo Kris Kross, has died at age 34 in an Atlanta hospital. He'd been found unresponsive at home yesterday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports; authorities are investigating a possible drug overdose. His mom... More »

33 Child Stars Who Turned Out OK

They're not all like Angus T. Jones

(Newser) - For every child star like Angus T. Jones trashing his own show , there's a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who started acting at age seven but has managed to turn into a movie star while apparently remaining well-adjusted and normal. The Huffington Post rounds up an impressive 32 more of the latter:... More »

11 Celebs Who Fired Their Parents

Beyonce said it was a business decision, but for some, it's personal

(Newser) - You may have heard that Beyoncé recently broke up … with her dad. Father Matthew Knowles had been her manager ever since the Destiny’s Child days, but rumors recently surfaced that the daddy-daughter relationship was strained after Matthew had a baby with another woman and divorced Beyoncé’s... More »

'Goth Barbie' Momsen: Blame My Parents

I'm 'miserable' because they put me to work, says Gossip Girl star

(Newser) - If you're sick of "Goth Barbie" Taylor Momsen's attitude, blame her parents, says the perennially-moody 17-year-old Gossip Girl star. She holds mom and dad responsible for making her "miserable" by turning her into a kid star and destroying her childhood. "My parents signed me up with the... More »

Mary-Kate: Being a Kid Star Sucks

She talks fashion, troubles in rare interview

(Newser) - Even though Mary-Kate Olsen’s childhood stint on Full House brought her fame and fortune, she says she “would never wish my upbringing on anyone.” She and twin sister Ashley were “little monkey performers” in those days, she says. “I look at old photos of me,... More »

'I've Unretired': Amanda Bynes

Actress breaks career news on Twitter again

(Newser) - A month after stunning Hollywood and sparking questions about her mental stability with the news of her retirement , Amanda Bynes wants a do-over. "I've unretired," the 24-year-old on-again-off-again actress tweeted . She's a co-star of the buzzed-about high school comedy Easy A, notes People —and within minutes of... More »

Brit Dreads 'Sex Talk' With Kids

Probably not half as much as they do...

(Newser) - Britney Spears appears to have learned something from her childhood: Namely, to keep her kids out of showbiz. “If my sons told me they wanted to be in the entertainment business, I'd lock them in their rooms until they turned 30!” she tells Cosmopolitan. Despite her ongoing tabloid... More »

Is Amanda Bynes Losing It?

Actress seemed paranoid on set of latest film, sources say

(Newser) - Amanda Bynes says she’s retiring from acting —but many are speculating that Hollywood may have retired her. She achieved TV fame at an early age, but Big Fat Liar—which she filmed at 15—was her first, and last, big-screen success. The 24-year-old actress has recently spent more... More »

Gary Coleman's Career, in Photos

And don't forget, 'What you talkin bout, Willis?'

(Newser) - Gary Coleman, who died today at age 42 after a brain hemorrhage, had his share of well documented legal and medical problems throughout his life. Read all about 'em here from AP , but it's a lot more fun to look back on photos and remember why he became a child... More »

Gary Coleman Dead at 42

He had been on life support after brain hemorrhage

(Newser) - Gary Coleman has died of injuries from a fall at home earlier this week, reports TMZ . Coleman, 42, had been in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and his wife, Shannon, decided to stop life support this morning. The former child star of Diff'rent Strokes had family and friends... More »

Gary Coleman in Critical Condition

42-year-old is hospitalized in Utah

(Newser) - Gary Coleman is in critical condition near his Utah home. The 42-year-old former child star on Diff'rent Strokes was admitted to a Provo hospital yesterday, and TMZ reports he suffered a head injury in a fall. Coleman has had a string of medical and legal problems of late. In February,... More »

TV's Highest-Paid Kiddie Actors

Shockingly, Hannah Montana is not No. 1

(Newser) - Think Miley Cyrus is the highest-paid child actor on TV? Not even close. Angus T. Jones, the 16-year-old “half” of Two and a Half Men, makes $250,000 an episode. Miley doesn't even crack the top five. The New York Post lists the top 10:
  1. Miranda Cosgrove, 16:
... More »

Smokin' Former Child Stars

(Newser) - From Soleil Moon-Frye to Scarlett Johansson, some of Hollywood's favorite (female) child stars have turned into smokin' hot grown-up stars. runs down the list. More »

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