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Gamers Who Harass Women Actually Suck

Poor-performing males who stand to lose status take it out on ladies: study

(Newser) - Like low-status Neanderthals, contemporary men who aren't exactly winners—literally, when it comes to playing video games—are more likely to harass women online, new research cited in the Washington Post finds. Scientists who conducted the study published in Plos One played 163 games of Halo as either male-voiced... More »

Want Hot Halo Opponent? Try Gamecrush

Site lets horndog gamers pay for sexy foe

(Newser) - Male online gamers surely fantasize that one of their opponents is a good-looking female, and one Web site is looking to capitalize, making it happen in exchange for dough. Gamecrush can set you up with a PlayDate whose profile you find sexy, er, interesting, and $10 gets you about 10... More »

Microsoft Income Jumps 79%

Office, Vista, and Xbox behind $4.7B in quarterly revenue

(Newser) - Microsoft topped estimates today, revealing a 79% jump in quarterly profits over the same period last year—and raising targets for the year. On Xbox 360 and Windows sales, the world's largest software maker boasted net income of $4.71 billion for the period ending December 31, up from the... More »

Video Game Sales Shatter Annual Record

Despite softening economy, $18B total in US marks 43% jump

(Newser) - More video games were sold in 2007 than ever before, with a total of $17.94 billion marking a 43% increase over 2006, reports the AP. Much of the growth came from sales of Nintendo's chronically undersupplied Wii and Microsoft's Halo 3, market researcher NPD Group said. Nintendo dominated gaming... More »

Atari 2600 Enters Hall of Fame

Console changed the face of video games says Salon

(Newser) - One of Gen X's most notable toys received 21st-century kudos on Thursday, when the Atari 2600 was inducted into the National Toy Hall of fame. The Atari console's initial library of 9 titles changed the face of video games, says Salon's Machinist columnist Farhad Manjoo. "There'd be no 'Halo... More »

Ghosts and Ghouls Invade Virtual Worlds

Digital realms like Halo and Second Life are getting in the Halloween spirit

(Newser) - Take a break from scarfing candy to join in silly spookiness online. Wired gives you the inside scoop on special events and areas in your favorite virtual worlds dedicated to the holiday:
  1. Halo 3: A seasonal addition to the matchmaking playlist should keep players entertained for the 27 hours surrounding
... More »

Vista, Office Spur Microsoft to Huge Growth

23% gains in first quarter; new PC sales drive gains

(Newser) - Microsoft yesterday reported a 23% leap in net income and its best revenue growth since the dot-com boom, making it an isolated winner in a tumbling market. The announcement drove up the company's shares 10% in after-hours trading. The sales of new PCs with Windows installed helped drive the gains,... More »

Game Over! Halo 3 Zaps Wii

Game launch boosts XBox 360 sales beyond Nintendo console

(Newser) - The launch of Halo 3 helped XBox 360 sales to zoom beyond Nintendo Wii, making the Microsoft system the hottest selling console in September. MarketWatch reports the extraordinary popularity of Halo 3 also helped push video game software sales up 64% over the same period last year. Game consoles were... More »

'Halo 3' Hits $300M in Sales

Microsoft hoping franchise will help it win the console wars

(Newser) - Video-game phenomenon "Halo 3" earned more than $300 million in global sales during its first week, Microsoft announced today. Although specific figures were not released, the Wall Street Journal reports, the game surely also drove up sales of its Xbox 360 console, which previously had been flagging in competition... More »

'Halo 3' Sells Record $170M in First Day

Explosive debut stands to boost Microsoft's Xbox 360 console

(Newser) - Microsoft's "Halo 3" lived up the hype, the Wall Street Journal reported today, bringing in an estimated $170 million on its first day of release to shatter the record set by its predecessor, "Halo 2." Analysts say the first-person shooter game should be a boon for sales... More »

Stocks Edge Up in Balancing Act

Retailers’ sales sink as homes out-perform expectations

(Newser) - Stocks rose slightly today as retail woes were somewhat offset by August home sales that outperformed expectations, MarketWatch reports. Led by Microsoft, which rode the release of “Halo 3” to a 1.5% jump, the Dow climbed 19.59 to 13,778.65. The S&P dipped 0.52... More »

Halo 3: Believe in Big Sales for Microsoft

Gamers turn out in droves for video game's midnight release

(Newser) - Wired predicts a surge in sick-days today as gamers who picked up some of the 4 million preordered copies of Halo 3: Believe when it went on sale at midnight skip work after all-night sessions. Crowds at the Manhattan release party—one of 10,000 nationwide—held up traffic... More »

Gamers Hold Tight for Halo 3

(Newser) - The final installment of the video game juggernaut Halo hits stores Tuesday, and rabid fans are expected to blow away sales records along with pesky invading aliens. Halo 3 will be released at 12:01 a.m., Reuters reports, with hype and sales receipts expected to rival that of Harry ... More »

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