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Google, Spain Battle Over Privacy

Part of a Europe-wide debate over the 'right to be forgotten'

(Newser) - A Spanish plastic surgeon has complained to Spanish regulators that a Google search of his name still turns up a dispute over a botched operation covered by El Pais 20 years ago. It's one of 80 "privacy invasion" cases in which Spanish authorities have told Google to remove personal... More »

A Good Day for EU File Sharers

Telecoms don't have to turn over personal data of illegal download suspects: court

(Newser) - The EU’s high court ruled today that telecommunications companies are not obligated to turn over the personal data of individuals suspected of illegally sharing copyrighted material online, the AP reports. The European Court of Justice said member nations could create laws allowing for the disclosure of file-sharers’ info in... More »

Court Overturns Volkswagen Law, Takeover Likely

Porsche to exercise control in VW

(Newser) - The EU’s highest court today overturned a 47-year-old German law that protected Volkswagen AG from takeover, opening the door for a long-rumored Porsche coup. Porsche already owns 31% of VW, but the law capped their voting rights at 20%. With that impediment gone, “I see Porsche flexing its... More »

Microsoft Caves on EU Antitrust Suit

Must allow even open-source software developers access to Windows

(Newser) - Microsoft is conceding its 9-year antitrust battle with the EU after striking a deal that will force the software giant to license its software secrets to anyone who asks at drastically reduced rates. In exchange, the EU has stopped the daily variable fines of up to 3 million euro that... More »

Microsoft Goes Incognito to Attack Google

Hires PR firm to build opposition to merger; its name is disguised

(Newser) - Microsoft quietly hired Burson-Marsteller to rally opposition to Google’s proposed acquisition of online ad networker DoubleClick—and some are rankled that the software giant’s name was kept out of the pitches. The PR firm sought to convince key players the deal would hamper Internet competition and impact privacy... More »

5 Stories