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Team Obama Woos Ex-Hillary Aide

Ex-campaign chief Solis Doyle weighs post as Cabinet secretary

(Newser) - Barack Obama's transition aides have approached Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager about taking a senior White House post, Democratic officials say. Patti Solis Doyle is considering taking the job, although she worries about the effect it would have on her two young children. She was contacted about possibly becoming Cabinet... More »

Obama Campaign Fixes Gender Balance

New female hires should help him reach out to Clinton voters

(Newser) - Barack Obama's campaign has been getting more women on board at high levels, Politico reports. Female activists welcome the new hires, while campaign insiders say the "boy's club" image that dogged Obama's campaign during the primaries was never correct. Among the biggest names are Patti Solis Doyle, former campaign... More »

Obama Hire Bodes Ill for Clinton as VP

Ex-campaign manager's gig seen as blunt 'no, thank you'

(Newser) - Don’t be fooled into thinking Barack Obama's hiring of Hillary Clinton’s ex-campaign manager is a play for unity; insiders say it’s a signal Clinton is not the future VP nominee. One Clinton bundler called the move the “biggest f--- you I have ever seen in politics.... More »

Ex-Clinton Manager Joins Team Obama

Her role as VP aide may keep Hillary from joining ticket

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager and longtime loyalist Patti Solis Doyle will serve as chief of staff to Obama's eventual VP choice. This may mean that Clinton is unlikely to nab the veep spot, since Doyle—booted from Hillary's campaign—has not spoken to her since, Don Frederick blogs in... More »

Obama Aims Blue Paintbrush at Red States

Campaign turns to Clinton supporters in new hirings

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s campaign will hit GOP-dominated states as the candidate looks toward November, starting tomorrow with North Carolina, the New York Times reports. Obama hopes he can turn those states blue with the help of get-out-the-vote operations launched during the primaries—and aims to use his financial heft to... More »

Obama's Press to Cherry-Pick Top Clintonites Under Way

Some staffers, fund-raisers ready to jump after vote; others await her approval

(Newser) - Perhaps just hours from securing the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama's campaign is moving to grab the best donors, advisers, and operatives from Hillary Clinton's team, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some are merely waiting for primary voting to end to make the jump; others, out of personal loyalty or sheer... More »

Wounded Hillary Marches On

As Clinton's campaign falters, morale dips and advisers are on edge

(Newser) - With Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on the ropes, morale is low and advisers are screaming at each other in back rooms, the New York Times reports. While the candidate appears resolute, she no longer expresses the supreme confidence she once did and has stopped prefacing sentences with "when... More »

Clinton Team Loses Another Top Staffer

Deputy manager resigns days after campaign chief

(Newser) - With the Clinton campaign struggling to right itself amid a string of losses, another top-ranking staffer has resigned, the Washington Post reports. Mike Henry, the campaign's deputy manager, stepped down just days after campaign chief Patti Solis Doyle did the same. Henry said he quit to allow new chief Maggie... More »

Pundits Ponder Democrats' Next Move

Second thoughts abound as potential end game looms

(Newser) - It’s primary day in Maryland, Virginia, and DC, and opinions vary on which Democratic hopeful truly holds the lead. Here are four outlooks:
  • Barack Obama is surging past Hillary Clinton in this month's races, but their "long and increasingly bitter struggle" may hurt the party's chances in November,
... More »

Hillary Threats Killed Negative Story

Access to Bill denied if GQ piece ran

(Newser) - GQ magazine spiked a negative story about White House hopeful Hillary Clinton after her campaign offered editors a stark choice: kill the piece or lose access to Bill Clinton for a cover story. The offending article explored tensions and infighting at the heart of the Clinton campaign. Despite protests from... More »

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