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Duke of York Totally Fine With Princesses as 'Working Women'

So stop saying otherwise, please

(Newser) - Russia may have undermined American democracy in a historic way, but Britain's royal family is having issues too. Apparently, reports of a rift between the Duke of York and Prince of Wales so angered the Duke of York that he released what the Telegraph calls an "extraordinary public... More »

Prince Charles' Secret Veto Power

'Guardian' investigates the 'secretive constitutional loophole'

(Newser) - Although many think of the British royal family more as figureheads than active participants in governance, government ministers have in fact had to get Prince Charles' permission to pass at least a dozen bills since 2005. The revelation stems from an investigation by the Guardian into what it calls a... More »

Charles' Love Letters Show a Frisky Sailor

(Newser) - His personal life may now have all the sex appeal of tea in tweed, but once upon a time Prince Charles was a randy sailor writing risque letters to "exciting ladies (who) lurk behind bushes in order to pounce on unsuspecting naval officers … !" Six such letters, believed... More »

Charles at 60: Will He Ever Be King?

Oldest-ever Prince of Wales has much to celebrate on his birthday

(Newser) - Prince Charles turns 60 today, heir to the British throne since the age of 3. Barring calamity, he will one day be king—though perhaps not for a long while, as his mother remains in good health and rejects the idea of abdication. Yet the oldest-ever Prince of Wales has... More »

Charles, Near 60, May Yet Put Green Stamp on Monarchy

Heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth has built an empire of charity

(Newser) - Prince Charles, who turns 60 on Nov. 14, has used his position as heir apparent to advocate tirelessly for the environment and the disadvantaged, writes JM Ledgard on More Intelligent Life. There’s still time for him to ascend to the British throne, where (after taking the title of George... More »

Terror Cell 'Targeted Queen'

Cell stocked with info on royal residences

(Newser) - A terror cell busted by British police was apparently plotting an attack on the queen and other royals, reports the Daily Telegraph. Islamic extremist Aabid Hussain Khan, 23, was convicted yesterday of possessing terrorist materials, including detailed information on royal residences, and other London landmarks. The cell included a teenager,... More »

Tina's Book Slams Diana

Ten years later, a tell-all book draws again on never-ending public fascination

(Newser) - A new book about Princess Diana portrays her as a "spiteful, manipulative, media-savvy neurotic" more in love with her title than with Prince Charles, the Daily Mail reports. Ex-New Yorker editor Tina Brown's book, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Diana's death, depicts the heir apparent as... More »

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