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FEC to John Edwards: You Owe $2.1M

Former candidate has to pay Treasury for matching funds

(Newser) - John Edwards owes the US Treasury a couple million dollars, and he has just 30 days to pay it. The Federal Election Commission announced yesterday that Edwards received $2.1 million too much in matching funds from the Treasury during his 2008 Democratic nomination campaign, MSNBC reports. The commission dismissed... More »

Colleges Encourage 'Gap Year' With Cash

(Newser) - Colleges around the country are making it easier for high school graduates to delay college and instead put in a year or more of public service, the Christian Science Monitor reports. More than 80 schools have partnered with AmeriCorps to give students tuition credits in exchange for such service. Others,... More »

Obama Buys $5M in Olympic Ad Time

Set for NBC and cable channel coverage

(Newser) - The Obama campaign has bought $5 million worth of network and cable television airtime to run during coverage of the Beijing Olympics, reports TV Week. It's the first major TV airtime purchase by a political candidate in 16 years. NBC and its cable channels will air 3,600 hours of... More »

Feds Taking Closer Look at McCain Loan

Could lock him into matching funds— and $54M limit

(Newser) - Today just isn’t John McCain’s day. The Federal Elections Commission says it may not allow the presumptive Republican nominee to drop out of the federal matching funds program, because he used it as collateral for a $4 million loan he took out to fund his cash-strapped primary campaign... More »

Edwards Will Accept Public Financing

Candidate points to principle, analysts to necessity

(Newser) - With the deadline to report third-quarter fundraising looming, John Edwards said yesterday his campaign will accept public financing. He calls the unexpected shift “a principled stand,” but the Politico deems it “probably also the only lifeline he has to stay in the race." The ex-senator urged... More »

5 Stories