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Student With Leukemia Denied Cap, Gown

Arizona student Stephen Dwyer had to watch ceremony from the bleachers

(Newser) - An Arizona high school student who spent his junior year battling leukemia did his best to make up the credits in his senior year and was elected student body president—but he still had to sit in the bleachers as the rest of his class graduated Thursday night. Stephen Dwyer,... More »

A Big Milestone for World's First Surviving Septuplets

Iowa's McCaughey siblings just graduated from high school

(Newser) - Alexis, Brandon, Joel, Kelsey, Kenny Jr., Natalie, and Nathan have graduated from high school, NPR reports. If their first names don't ring a bell, perhaps their last name will: They're the McCaughey kids, the world's first known set of surviving septuplets, and they accepted their diplomas from... More »

US Strip Club Recruits Recent High-School Grads

Club claims it can help women get ahead

(Newser) - New advertisements outside Little Darlings strip club in Las Vegas encourage recent high school graduates to apply, promoting stripping as a way to earn money for college. Fox 5 reports that Little Darlings manager Rick Marzullo says the ads fit in with the character of Las Vegas. The signs have... More »

Periodic Table Quote Gets Student Suspended

But school will let her speak at graduation after all after yearbook brouhaha

(Newser) - It seems school administrators in Clayton County, Georgia, should take another chemistry class: Yearbooks had already been distributed at Mundy’s Mill High School by the time they decoded a secret—and somewhat racy—message in the quote selected by the senior class vice president. Paris Gray's quote read,... More »

New High School Grad: Mark Wahlberg, 42

Took him almost a year, but he got his diploma

(Newser) - At 42, Mark Wahlberg is a new high school graduate, the actor revealed yesterday. He originally dropped out in the ninth grade, Wahlberg writes in the Huffington Post . "My circumstances were not unlike millions of other teens today, who live in tough working class neighborhoods surrounded by drugs, violence,... More »

Why I Told Those Grads They're Not Special

David McCullough Jr. reflects on commencement speech

(Newser) - When high school English teacher David McCullough Jr. told a group of Massachusetts graduates they're not special , he wasn't expecting the deluge of publicity that followed, most of it "enthusiastically positive." He reflects on the experience and offers a follow-up in the Daily Beast , in which... More »

Finally, Grads Get Good Advice: 'You Are Not Special'

Editorial: Self-esteem movement takes a needed knock in speech

(Newser) - An English teacher in Massachusetts gave the commencement speech to a local high school and delivered a rarely heard message in such settings: "You are not special," David McCullough Jr. told students in Wellesely. "You are not exceptional." The students applauded, as do the editors at... More »

Want to Kickstart Economy? Cut the Dropout Rate

Money invested will be paid back, and then some: Henry M. Levin and Cecilia E. Rouse

(Newser) - In his State of the Union address , President Obama called on all states to require that students stay in school until they graduate or turn 18. It's a good start, but it doesn't go far enough, write economics professors Henry M. Levin and Cecilia E. Rouse in the... More »

Now Is an Awful Time to Be a Young Man in America

Some 14.4% of 25- to 34-year-olds jobless; many living at home

(Newser) - Few Americans were immune to the recession, but the plight of young men continues to be particularly dire. The unemployment rate for male high-school grads ages 25 to 34 is 14.4%, far above the 9% national average; the figure also marks a huge jump from the 6.1% jobless... More »

Ohio School Graduating Triplets, 10 Sets of Twins

The 23 multiples have all been in the district since kindergarten

(Newser) - The graduating class of Ohio's Canfield High School features a multitude of multiples: 10 sets of twins and one set of triplets. They make up 8% of the 282 seniors receiving their diplomas on June 12. The 23 students have all been in the school district since kindergarten. Some... More »

'Most Likely to Succeed': Take My Title Back

One-third of those who got the honor wish they hadn't, says poll

(Newser) - Still bitter about not being voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school? Turns out you may have been the lucky one. Almost one-third of those who won the coveted "Most Likely" title later regard the recognition as "a curse," according to a poll by MemoryLane.... More »

High School Seniors: Skip College

Taking a year off makes sense for most

(Newser) - A private consultant who makes a living helping high school seniors get into college has some unexpected advice for them: Don't do it. Take at least a year off instead, writes Gwyeth T. Smith. Yes, the idea of the "gap year" has been around a while, but the lousy... More »

Bristol Nabs HS Diploma

(Newser) - Bristol Palin graduated from high school yesterday, a feat her mother doubted could be achieved when she became pregnant, People reports. “Oh, there goes her education,” Sarah Palin recalled thinking. Bristol, though, was confident. “I knew it would be hard work,” she said, “but I... More »

Uncle Sam Wants ... Anybody

Military lowers standards, hits new low in recruiting high school graduates

(Newser) - The Army is lowering standards to meet recruiting goals, with the percentage of high school-educated recruits dropping to a new low of 70.7% last year, reports the Washington Post. The Army hasn't reached its goal of 90% since 2004. A new study also shows that the number of "... More »

Gates Eyes $3B Army Expansion

Gates ready to approve major recruitment campaign to boost ranks

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he's likely to approve spending nearly $3 billion over the next four years to accelerate an expansion of the US Army, stretched thin by punishing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the AP reports. The Pentagon believes the Army and Marine Corps need to grow to... More »

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