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Harry Reid Trolls Trump: Take Citizenship Test or 'Shut Up'

The outgoing senator doesn't think the GOP nominee would pass

(Newser) - No matter the outcome of November's election, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid will never work with a President Trump—so the outspoken critic of the GOP nominee is having a little fun trolling him, reports the AP . His latest salvo: An online petition demanding that Donald Trump take the... More »

29% of Us Can't Name the VP

And this 'American ignorance' threatens our nation: Andrew Romano

(Newser) - Newsweek recently gave the US citizenship test to 1,000 US citizens, and 38% failed. A full 73% didn't know why we fought the Cold War; 44% couldn't define the Bill of Rights; 29% couldn't even name the vice president. "Civic ignorance is nothing new," writes Andrew... More »

You Need a License to Drive, Why Not to Vote?

The nation is falling behind in civics education

(Newser) - We require drivers to take classes and test them on the rules of the road. Why? Because we believe that when the stakes are high, competence is essential. “Yet when it comes to voting, we let everyone participate once they turn 18,” complains Alexander Heffner of the Christian ... More »

3 of 4 Oklahoma Students Can't Name First President

Only 3% would pass US citizenship test

(Newser) - Are you smarter about American history than a recent immigrant? Most of the students in Oklahoma’s public high schools aren’t. A conservative think tank asked thousands of high school kids to answer 10 questions drawn from the citizenship test given to recent immigrants. Would-be citizens have to answer... More »

Citizenship Test Moves Beyond Trivia

Immigrants worry about potential for abuse

(Newser) - The new test to become a US citizen debuts today, and it's making plenty of immigrants and their advocacy groups anxious. Proponents say it asks more meaningful questions—instead of "What were the original 13 states?" it asks things like "What does the Constitution do?"—but some... More »

Citizenship Test Gets Overhaul

New questions focus less on the nitty-gritty

(Newser) - The government yesterday unveiled its new citizenship test, which puts less emphasis on memorization of facts and more on analysis. To become naturalized, it's no longer enough for applicants to know how many stars or stripes are on the flag, but they may need to ID a constitutional amendment that... More »

6 Stories