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Chicago Police Hunting Alleged Killer, but There's a Twist

Garrett Glover was mistakenly released from prison

(Newser) - Chicago police are on the hunt for another alleged killer, the twist this time being that they can blame the court system's red tape. Garrett Glover, 29, had been in custody, but he was released last week because of an apparent communication gaffe, reports WGN . Glover is charged in... More »

New Jersey Can't Get Salt Thanks to ... the US Flag?

Law bans vessel carrying salt from traveling without one

(Newser) - In a season of seemingly endless snow, New Jersey towns are running out of rock salt—and 40,000 tons of the stuff is supposed to be on its way. Trouble is, the shipment is stuck in Maine because the vessel that would carry it doesn't have an American... More »

Congress' Big Auto Bailout Mired in Red Tape

Money coming later rather than sooner

(Newser) - Detroit's $25 billion loan is sitting in Washington, the Washington Post reports, and may take more than a year to distribute, despite the auto industry's increasing desperation for the cash. The Energy Department, which was tasked with doling out the money, says various legal and administrative requirements will drag the... More »

Government Typos 'Kill' Thousands

People very much alive struggle to convince Social Security they're alive

(Newser) - It's not easy being dead—just ask Laura Todd. The Tennessee woman is one of an estimated 12,000 people a year the government declares dead—often because of a typo in the Social Security database—when they're still very much alive, MSNBC reports. The error can create a financial... More »

Reno Thrives Although Most Bets Are Off

Tribal gambling hurts city, but Renoans find ways to adapt

(Newser) - Reno's lost billions to Native American casinos, yet the Nevada town is growing again, even thriving. How did Renoans react when Tribal casinos lured away their business? They put up shop as gambling consultants and sold even more slot machines. Now downtown is growing: Developers are free to build without... More »

5 Stories