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Banks Get Creative to Dodge Bonus Limits

Favorable loans, options aid bonus-bereft execs

(Newser) - Banks chafing under pay and bonus restrictions are helping execs make ends meet with low-interest loans, no-collateral loans, and even loans that don't need to be paid back unless the employee leaves the firm. Favorable and forgivable loans are nothing new in the industry, but experts say in-house loans have... More »

Google Cuts Back on Its Food Perks

Problems in the kitchen will send employees home for dinner

(Newser) - Life at the Googleplex just got a little less delicious. Google is cutting back on its famously generous food benefits, taking free dinners and free snacks off the menu, Valleywag reports. It’s a surprising change, since Google has milked its cafeteria for publicity, and recently told shareholders to expect... More »

Feds Fly 1st Class on Your Dime

$146M wasted in premium travel

(Newser) - Federal employees wasted $146 million in a single year flying business or first class, according to a government investigation. Some 67% of premium-class travel is unauthorized or unnecessary, and the biggest abusers are Pentagon, Justice and State Department officials, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office. More »

3 Stories