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Isolated and Destitute, North Korea Limps On

Reporters granted rare visit with Richardson

(Newser) - North Korea has a deadline: For years, it's promised that an age of prosperity will begin in 2012, the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's birth. With 18 months to go, two journalists accompanying Bill Richardson on an unprecedented trip to North Korea found that the government will be hard-pressed to... More »

Iranian Nuclear Talks Begin

Officials gather in Geneva villa for critical negotiations

(Newser) - Representatives from Iran arrived in a secluded villa in the countryside near Geneva to begin a critical round of nuclear negotiations with the Western powers today. In attendance were reps from the five UN Security Council states, Germany, and the EU. The US is looking for “practical steps and... More »

N. Korea Says It's Done With Nuke Talks

UN's 'unbearable insult' sparks threat to re-start plutonium production

(Newser) - North Korea has vowed to never again take part in talks over its nuclear program after the "unbearable insult" of the UN Security Council's condemnation of its rocket launch, the BBC reports. A strongly worded statement from the country's foreign ministry also threatened to reactivate its partially dismantled nuclear... More »

N. Korea Talks Stumble Over Rules for Probing Nukes

Pyongyang balks at demands over verification

(Newser) - Talks to curb North Korea’s nuclear-weapons activities have stalled over rules for investigating its programs, Reuters reports. Five other countries have been negotiating with Pyongyang over verifying such activities after North Korea agreed to partially shut down a nuclear complex. “It’s been a very difficult day, indeed... More »

N. Korea OKs Nuclear Inspections

But process may be mired in details until after Bush presidency

(Newser) - North Korean disarmament talks took another halting step today, as the nation agreed in principle to a deal for invasive nuclear inspections, the Washington Post reports. Pyongyang has promised to finish dismantling its Yongbyon reactor by October, and will let inspectors verify that it's down. But negotiators in the six-nation... More »

N. Korea Blows Up Nuclear Tower

Move both symbolic and practical, since tower would take year to rebuild

(Newser) - North Korea demolished the biggest symbol of its nuclear program today, destroying the water tower of its Yongbyon plutonium facility, which had been used to extract plutonium to build nuclear weapons until it was decommissioned last year. But the huge implosion wasn’t just symbolic—the tower would take at... More »

North Korea Hands Over Nuclear Data

White House moves to remove Pyongyang from 'axis of evil'

(Newser) - The North Korean regime has submitted a long-awaited rundown of its nuclear program to China, 6 months after its due date. The report is expected to detail the nation's plutonium enrichment efforts, but will probably leave out details of its nuclear arsenal, reports the BBC. The White House responded by... More »

Talks Don't Yield New Nuclear Offer for Iran

Security Council nations seek unified stance on Tehran

(Newser) - A meeting in Shanghai of permanent UN Security Council members and Germany failed to produce a new set of incentives to offer Iran for cessation of its nuclear activities, Reuters reports. "We can say we agreed on the main content of a plan to restart negotiations, but not all... More »

Bush Pulls About-Face on North Korea

Offers normal ties to former 'axis of evil' player for nuke secrets

(Newser) - In a sharp reversal from the days when he labeled North Korea part of the "axis of evil," President Bush has sent a letter to Kim Jong Il saying that if the dictator reveals the details of his nuclear program by the end of the year, the US... More »

Deal Struck, Kim Will Dismantle Nuke Plants

Pyongyang to detail activities; expected to get off US terror list

(Newser) - Kim Jong-Il has reportedly agreed in six-party talks to begin disabling his nuclear facilities and revealing program details. In return—though not part of the agreement—the US will fast-track North Korea's removal from its terrorism list. The terms show new flexibility from a waning Bush administration, as well as... More »

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