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Please, Tech Reviewers: No More 'Sexy' Gadgets

It's time to stop using this 'horrible cliche,' says Mat Honan

(Newser) - While we all love our smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets, it's inaccurate to refer to them as "sexy"—unless of course you plan to make love to them, says Gizmodo writer Mat Honan. The characterization has become so standard among tech reviewers, Honan believes it's... More »

Obama Meets With Steve Jobs, Google VP

President talks tech, innovation in Cali

(Newser) - President Obama met with Apple's Steve Jobs in California yesterday, the New York Times ' notes. The two talked tech, innovation, and education, before the president took his leave to meet another tech titan: Marissa Mayer of Google. Mayer hosted the president and about 50 others at her home for... More »

5 Ways Facebook Could Fail

How the giant may be slain

(Newser) - Facebook, which this week welcomed its 500 millionth user , is the undisputed king of the Internet. But, warns Ryan Singel on Wired , other giants (think: Friendster, Geocities) have fallen. Here are some of Facebook's potential foes:
  • Open Sourcing—New ventures like Diaspora, OneSocialWeb, the Appleseed Project, and WebFinger are experimenting
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10 Ways to Replace Overhyped Gizmos

Tech experts list top overrated, underrated products

(Newser) - You can replace your most over-hyped devices with the tech world's top 10 wallflowers, compiled by PC World. Start with the iPhone:
  1. Stop stubbing your fingers on Apple's impractical keyboard interface. Sidekick offers the best QWERTY around.
  2. Nintendo Wii is hard to find and offers few good games. Sony PlayStation
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Apple Customer Sues Over iPhone 3G Glitches

Service nowhere close to what's advertised, complaint alleges

(Newser) - An Alabama woman is suing Apple after purchasing the new iPhone 3G, alleging the gizmo does not nearly live it to its hype—plagued by problems like slow email and text-messaging, excessive dropped calls, and the inability to connect to AT&T’s 3G network. Her complaints are echoed across... More »

A Midsummer Night's Screen: The Best Outdoor Projectors

A drive-in movie buff takes tech for a backyard test run

(Newser) - Though the drive-in movie theater has gone the way of the buffalo, Barry Sonnenfeld writes in Esquire, with the right projector you can recreate the outdoor film experience in your back yard. But take notice: A projector is only as good as the screen it’s projecting on, so make... More »

Engineer Gets 24 Years in China Spy Case

Lawyer calls case 'politically transparent' and vows to appeal

(Newser) - A judge sentenced Chinese-born engineer Chi Mak to 24 years in prison today for conspiring to send US military data to China, the Los Angeles Times reports. A US assistant attorney argued that Mak, 67, had violated US law even though the data on Navy submarines was not classified. Mak,... More »

As Governments Ban Lead, Tech Companies Get Nervous

Without metal, gadgets prone to splintering

(Newser) - Mattel's toy recall fiasco has highlighted the dangers of lead poisoning, and the European Union and other governments have passed laws banning the use of lead in fields that still use it, including electronics. But that has the tech industry worried: for decades, lead has been the only stopgap preventing... More »

GE Turning Green; Unplugs Light Bulb Plants

Biz switching over to energy-efficient fluorescents

(Newser) - Bowing to market pressure to switch to more energy-efficient lighting, General Electric is shutting down 7 of 54 plants and warehouses that serve its incandescent light bulb operation, reports the Wall Street Journal. Some 1,400 workers will lose their jobs, but only a third of them will be US... More »

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