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Oral Roberts Dead at 91

Evangelist reached millions during his heyday

(Newser) - Evangelist Oral Roberts, who rose from tent revivals to found a multimillion-dollar organization and an Oklahoma university bearing his name, died today at 91 of complications from pneumonia in Newport Beach, Calif. He had been hospitalized after a fall on Saturday. Roberts was a pioneer on two fronts—he helped... More »

Two More Televangelists Quit ORU Board

Pair accused of living large on donations

(Newser) - Two more televangelists have stepped down from the board of regents of Oral Roberts University, under pressure from a congressional probe into misuse of funds. Benny Hinn and IV Hilliard are two of six preachers under investigation for living lavishly on their congregations' dime and violating their ministries' tax-exempt status. More »

Georgia Tech Rallies, Can't Top Kansas

Texas handles Oral Roberts, UCLA stomps Western Illinois

(Newser) - Georgia Tech pulled within one point of No. 3 Kansas in the last 9 seconds of play, but an intercepted pass kept the Yellow Jackets from getting off a final shot, securing a 71-66 victory for Kansas. The play "was there. We didn't execute it, and you have to... More »

God to Roberts: You're Fired!

Ex-boss of Oral Roberts U: 'He' told me to quit, but vowed 'something supernatural'

(Newser) - Oral Roberts University president Richard Roberts told the school's student body yesterday that he didn't want to resign, but God insisted on it. Roberts, son of school founder Oral Roberts, faces a lawsuit accusing him of spending extravagantly while the school was in financial straits. He said God spoke to... More »

Oral Roberts University Prez Steps Down

Oral's son Richard accused of misusing school funds

(Newser) - The president of Oral Roberts University resigned today amidst allegations of misusing school funds, the AP reports. Richard Roberts, son of founder Oral, faces a lawsuit claiming he spent university money on a life of luxury—including a $39,000 shopping spree and $29,000 trip to the Bahamas. Roberts... More »

Roberts: Devil Won't Get School

Patriarch returns to battle scandal at Oral Roberts U

(Newser) - The 89-year-old founder of embattled Oral Roberts University has returned to the school to defend it against allegations of misuse of college funds by his own family members. "The devil is not going to steal" the university, Oral Roberts declared to students and staff at a religious service, as... More »

Oral Roberts U President Takes Leave of Absence

(Newser) - Richard Roberts, the Oral Roberts University president who is accused of misuse of university funds and illegal involvement in a political campaign, requested and received an indefinite leave of absence from the university's Board of Regents today. The board said a senior pastor will temporarily take over the president's duties,... More »

Roberts U. President and Wife Face New Allegations

Claims she spent nights with underage male, documents were shredded

(Newser) - In an updated lawsuit, three ex-profs accuse the president of Oral Roberts University and his wife of improper behavior ranging from dalliances with an underage male to document shredding, CNN reports. The suit , which earlier accused the couple of misusing university funds, now accuses Richard Roberts' wife LIndsay of spending... More »

Scandal Rocks Oral Roberts U.

Ex-professors' lawsuit details financial abuses by president

(Newser) - Oral Roberts University is embroiled in allegations of financial misdeeds by president Richard Roberts, who stands accused of going on spending sprees with donors' money and illegally using university resources to aid a political campaign, the AP reports. Three former professors who filed suit this week say they were fired... More »

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