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Darfur: Mass Bloodshed May Not Be Genocide

Despite the violence, Sudan crisis may not fit legal definition

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands of people have died or been displaced in the years-long conflict in Darfur, which presidents Bush and Obama have both called a genocide. But while nobody denies the seriousness of the violence, organizations from Doctors Without Borders to the International Criminal Court say that the Sudanese government's... More »

Sudanese Rebels Fight for Control of Capital

Sudan says claims victory in rare Khartoum battle

(Newser) - Darfur rebels battled Sudanese soldiers today in a rare bid for control of Sudan's capital, Reuters reports. The military later claimed victory and said just a few militants had reached Khartoum. "Thank God this attempt has been completely defeated," a government spokesman said. More »

Illegal Poaching Funds Militant Groups

US lawmakers to probe $10B wildlife trade in hearings this week

(Newser) - Shipments of African contraband such as ivory, tiger parts, and rhino horn are funding militant groups and perhaps terrorists, Newsweek reports. After the theft of $1.3 million in ivory in Chad last year and a reported rise in contraband smuggling, US lawmakers have become interested: A House hearing on... More »

Darfur Sees New Cycle of Bloodshed, Refugees

Recent upset in Chad has Sudanese military, janjaweed militias on warpath

(Newser) - Darfur may be on a road back to the pitched fighting between rebels, militias and the Sudanese army that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions 5 years ago, prompting the US to call it genocide, the New York Times reports. The Sudanese government recently stepped up operations in the... More »

12,000 Flee Darfur Raids for Chad

Sudanese gov't says attacks on 3 villages aimed at rebels

(Newser) - Government attacks on Darfur villages, ostensibly directed at rebel fighters, have caused a new exodus of at least 12,000 people from western Sudan into Chad, the BBC reports. The government acknowledges bombing three villages Friday, but said it was targeting fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement. Rebel leaders... More »

Darfur's Displaced Battle Hunger, Disease, Raids

Sudan's 2.5M refugees struggle to survive

(Newser) - "It is unsafe for me to go back home and it's not safe here," a resident of Abu Chok, a refugee camp in Darfur currently home to 54,000, tells the Guardian. Residents endure endemic malnutrition, malaria, and typhoid in hopes of security—the camp is 4 miles... More »

Sudan Strike Breaks Treaty

Army attack on town may signal wider blitz; 'serious risk of going beyond Darfur'

(Newser) - Sudan's military struck a Darfur village today, torching half of it and casting October peace talks into crisis. The attack also hit the sole Sudanese Liberation Army faction to sign a truce in 2006. "If they really wanted peace and negotiations they would not be attacking our areas,"... More »

Sudan's Leader Meets Pope, Vows to Honor Ceasefire

In controversial Italy visit, Bashir pledges quiet during October peace talks

(Newser) - Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, in a rare and controversial visit to Italy, promised today to observe a ceasefire in Darfur during October peace talks. Pope Benedict used a meeting with Bashir to stress the importance of human rights, while Italy’s PM voiced “strong concerns” over the four-year genocidal... More »

Buffett Holdings Tie Gates To Darfur Crisis

Berkshire owns $3.3B stake in firm said to fund militia

(Newser) - A Berkshire Hathaway investment in a Sudanese oil company is posing thorny problems for the Gates Foundation, the Los Angeles Times reports. Warren Buffet's investment outfit is the largest independent shareholder in PetroChina, whose parent company the U.N. and U.S. say funds Sudan's janjaweed militia—a stark contrast... More »

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