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Top Chef Must Pay $1.3M After Customer Eats Wire

Jury wanted to 'send a message' to chef Daniel Boulud, says lawyer

(Newser) - Perhaps the last thing you'd expect while dining at a Michelin-starred chef's restaurant: to swallow an inch-long piece of wire from a cheap grill brush that was embedded in your coq au vin. Yet that's what happened to Barry Brett in February 2015 while he was eating... More »

Tokyo Is World's Gourmet Capital: Michelin

...for the 6th year in a row

(Newser) - Want a fancypants meal—or 15? Head to Tokyo, which has more three-Michelin-star restaurants than any city in the world ... again. The top honor goes to Tokyo for the sixth year running (it overtook Paris in 2007 ), reports Reuters , with 15 restaurants claiming the maximum number of stars. Bloomberg... More »

London Poised to Beat Paris as Foodie Haven: Michelin Boss

City now home to 60 restaurants with Michelin stars

(Newser) - Looks like London's not just meat and potatoes anymore. After 16 British restaurants got their first Michelin star yesterday and three their second, the city is rivaling Paris as a destination for fine dining. In total, London boasts 60 starred restaurants; four of those have three stars and eight... More »

Japan Eclipses France as Culinary King

But skeptics take issue with Michelin Guide assessment

(Newser) - Japan has overtaken France as the fine dining capital of the world—at least according to the latest Michelin Guide, reports ABC News . The newly released 2012 edition of the influential guide has bestowed 29 Japanese eateries with a 3-star rating—the highest possible grade—compared with 25 in France.... More »

Michelin-Starred Spot Sued for Serving Up Homophobia

Tight uniforms 'showed off my figure,' complains London waiter

(Newser) - Dim Sum isn't the only thing on the menu at Yauatcha, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London. Managers and customers also serve up homophobic remarks and sexual harassment, a gay ex-waiter is charging. Vincent Ma, 31, is beginning legal proceedings against the Soho hot spot. He says he was constantly subjected... More »

Haute Cuisine Hides Out in Uruguay

Celebrity chef launches ritzy restaurant in the middle of nowhere

(Newser) - Nine hours in a plane from Miami, 125 miles through the Uruguay countryside, and 15 minutes down dirt roads will bring you to the ritzy restaurant Garzón, where a plate of ravioli will set you back $48. Garzón, in the village of the same name, is Argentinian celebrity... More »

Michelin 'Star Wars' Unappetizing for Chefs

French master Roellinger latest to step back citing exhaustion, pressure

(Newser) - Being awarded 3 stars from the Michelin Guide was once the highest honor for any chef, but non plus, reports Gourmet. Changing tastes and fancy-food fatigue have now pushed three of France’s biggest culinary kings to close their doors—by choice. "Running a three-star restaurant is an honor,... More »

Disappearance Turns Grand Gourmet Tour Into Manhunt

Swiss man vanishes 40 stops into trek to 68 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars

(Newser) - Swiss motorcycle courier Pascal Henry was more than halfway through his quest to visit every Michelin three-star restaurant in the world when he vanished June 13, the Independent reports. At Spain’s El Bulli, Henry went to his car to retrieve his wallet and never returned, leaving a restaurant journal... More »

Michelin Guide Goes Interactive

Gastronomy bible's website lets amateur cooks weigh in

(Newser) - Before it was the last word in gastronomy, the Michelin Guide was a free book designed to spur travel, and hence sell tires. Now, it’ll be free once more, thanks to a revamped Web strategy, BusinessWeek reports. Michelin’s redesigned site will not only give away more content, it’... More »

Michelin Stuns Critics, Gives Ramsay 2nd Star

Vulgar chef's restaurant is only NY newbie to get coveted grade

(Newser) - Michelin parted with NY critics today by branding 2 stars on Gordon Ramsay’s namesake restaurant, halting the ex-soccer player's recent ratings drop. Ramsay, known for his crude tongue, was the only newbie to take the double-star in Manhattan; none earned a coveted third. Michelin saved its biggest hit for... More »

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