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Mass Shootings Have Nearly Tripled Since '06: FBI

Most are over before cops arrive, report finds

(Newser) - Mass shootings really are on the rise, according to a new FBI report. There has been an average of nearly one mass shooting a month in America this century and the rate has risen dramatically in recent years, the report released yesterday says. The agency says it identified a total... More »

James Holmes Offers to Plead Guilty to Avoid Death Penalty

Prosecutors haven't decided whether to accept

(Newser) - It's possible the legal case involving Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes could be wrapped up in a matter of days. His attorneys said today he is willing to plead guilty and take a life sentence without possibility of parole in order to avoid the death penalty, reports the Denver ... More »

DC Sniper: 'I Was a Ghoul'

Lee Boyd Malvo speaks 10 years after rampage that paralyzed DC

(Newser) - It's been a decade since Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad terrorized the nation's capital, randomly shooting 13 people in a bloody three-week rampage that killed 10. The Washington Post sits down with Malvo, the surviving half of the so-called DC Sniper, and finds a pensive 27-year-old... More »

Holmes Saw 3 Mental Health Experts Before Shooting

Aurora suspect was known to University of Colorado's mental health team

(Newser) - Alleged Aurora theater shooter James Holmes was pretty well known to mental health professionals at the University of Colorado before the Dark Knight Rises rampage—because he met with at least three of them. Holmes, who had been a doctoral student in neuroscience, met with professionals linked to student mental... More »

Dark Knight Suspect Was Grad Student

James Holmes' apartment filled with booby traps: police

(Newser) - The 24-year-old accused of a movie theater shooting rampage was attending medical school until just last month, says a rep for the University of Colorado. The spokeswoman didn't know why James Holmes dropped out of the university, the AP reports. He lived in an apartment building exclusive to med... More »

Theater Massacre Witnesses Describe Scene of Horror

Many of the victims children

(Newser) - Horrifying details are emerging from the shooting at a Dark Knight Rises premiere that killed 12 and injured 50. Witness accounts describe a terrifying scene, complete with police dragging bodies out of the theater and injured children; KDVR confirms that some of the victims are as young as 12. "... More »

Angry Afghan Prober Barred From Questioning Bales

'I just wanted to ask him why he did it,' says official

(Newser) - An Afghan investigative chief is frustrated he was not allowed to question the US serviceman charged in the shooting rampage that left 17 Afghan men, women, and children dead. General Sher Mohammed Karimi said he was never allowed to speak to Staff Sergeant Robert Bales before he was whisked off... More »

Salon Shooter's Wife Said He'd Threatened Her

Scott Dekraai suffered from PTSD following a boating accident

(Newser) - Michelle Marie Fournier was scared of her ex-husband, telling friends that he had abused her, threatened to kill her, and once held a gun to her head. “She told me, ‘I can’t believe I got involved in this. He is not right … He’s going to... More »

As Norway Weeps, Shooter Says He Acted Alone

Hundreds gather for memorial service

(Newser) - Reeling Norwegians gathered today to honor the 93 lives lost in Friday's murderous rampage, with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg telling weeping mourners that even "in the middle of all this tragedy," Norway is a nation that will "stand together." "Soon we will be given... More »

Gunman Kills 6, Including Self, at Roller Rink Birthday

Family argument spun out of control, say police

(Newser) - A gunman at a Texas roller rink birthday party last night killed five people and injured at least four before turning the gun on himself, reports the Dallas Morning News . Police say the man started arguing with his wife, and when the conflict grew more heated, he pulled out a... More »

Cops: Yuma Gunman, 73, Kills 5, Himself Over Divorce

One victim was an attorney packing for retirement

(Newser) - Six people are dead after a shooting rampage in Yuma linked to a divorce case, reports the Arizona Republic . The victims include a lawyer who was packing up his office for retirement, notes AP . Details are still emerging, but police have a rough outline of events: 73-year-old Carey Hal Dyess... More »

Only 5% Survive Gunshot to the Head

Even with survival comes high risk of long-term brain damage

(Newser) - The survival rate of a gunshot wound to the head, as Arizona Rep Gabrielle Giffords suffered yesterday, is about 5%, and 3% of those who do survive carry lasting neurological deficiencies, such as loss of memory loss or motor skills, reports Fox News . The next three to four days are... More »

Gunman Killed 5 Over Cold Eggs

Stanley Neace had become increasingly hostile, snapped

(Newser) - The gunman who killed five people and himself in a shooting rampage at a Kentucky trailer park was allegedly set off by the way his wife cooked eggs. Witnesses say that 47-year-old Stanley Neace stormed across lawns in his pajamas, firing repeatedly. "He chased his wife around that Jeep... More »

Dad in Custody Battle Kills 6

Gunman flees with kids, kills himself

(Newser) - An Arizona dad locked in a vicious custody battle with his former girlfriend over their two children burst into her new boyfriend's home and fatally shot the couple, along with three other friends who were celebrating the boyfriend's 24th birthday. After the shooting, Brian Diez grabbed his young kids and... More »

Gunman Dead After Killing 2 in St. Louis Workplace

At least three shot, one dead at ABB Power building

(Newser) - The gunman in a workplace shooting spree in St. Louis this morning was an employee who is presumed dead, police say. Timothy Hendron, 51, who killed two and wounded five, was suing ABB Power and its pension review committee, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. He used an assault rifle and... More »

Cop-Killer Suspect Felled by Lone Officer

Check of stolen vehicle resulted in one-sided gun fight

(Newser) - The death of alleged Washington state cop-killer Maurice Clemmons was attended only by the cop who shot him. Seattle police say an officer on a routine patrol found an empty car with its hood up, checked the plates, and found that is was stolen. Then he saw a man approaching,... More »

Suspect Not In House Surrounded Overnight

Clemmons was wounded by cop he allegedly killed, could be dead: police

(Newser) - The man suspected of gunning down four police officers yesterday morning was not in the Seattle home a SWAT team raided this morning, after a night of attempted negotiation, though authorities found evidence that he had been in the home. Police are now searching the University of Washington campus, after... More »

Gunman Hasan a Lifelong Muslim, Devout Soldier

He counseled returning soldiers with PTSD

(Newser) - The details emerging about Nidal Hasan, who authorities say is responsible for the worst mass killing on a US Army base, paint a picture of a man torn by contradictory loyalties. Hasan was a lifelong Muslim, an imam at his mosque said, but not an extremist. He had served 8... More »

DC Sniper's Ex: Rampage Was Scheme to Kill Me

Muhammad hoped to pass off murder on madman and regain custody of kids

(Newser) - The ex-wife of convicted Beltway Sniper John Muhammad was the ultimate target of his murderous 2002 DC rampage that killed 10 people. Mildred Muhammad says her ex intended to pass off her murder as the work of a madman and regain custody of their three children. She got wise to... More »

Shooting at Pittsburgh Gym Leaves 5 Dead

(Newser) - A gunman opened fire tonight at a fitness center near Pittsburgh, leaving five people dead. The shooter is believed to be among the victims, reports the Post-Gazette. About a dozen more people were wounded. Police say the gunman walked to the back door of the LA Fitness Center in Collier,... More »

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