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Google Planning Music Store

Company aims to have service up before iTunes Match

(Newser) - Google is pushing further into the entertainment business with an online music store that it aims to have up and running within weeks, sources tell the New York Times . Music industry execs say the MP3 store will probably be linked to Google's Music Beta cloud service. Google wants to... More »

Teens Get High on 'Digital Drugs'

Should we be concerned about 'i-dosing'?

(Newser) - The latest drug trend sweeping the nation has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals. Kids are getting high on MP3s, Wired reports , pointing to an Oklahoma News 9 report (at left) on the phenomenon known as “i-dosing.” Supposedly, just by putting on headphones and listening to music—which is... More »

Technology Makes Music Worse

Advances have decreased the quality of recorded music

(Newser) - Digital technology has irrevocably changed the music-listening experience—for the worse. As television and movies have become richer thanks to hi-def and 3-D advances, music has become, well, crappier, the New York Times points out. The crackly, thinner sounds of compressed formats like MP3s are objectively a step back from... More »

Watch an Ad, Get an MP3 Download: Genius or Goof?

Free All Music is innovative, but still might not work

(Newser) - A new site thinks it has the answer the music industry’s woes: Free All Music will allow users to download a high-quality mp3 with no copy restrictions in exchange for watching a 15-second video ad of their choosing. The site then takes a user’s handle and uses it... More »

Billboard Shifts Website to Lure Listeners, Buyers ties MP3 and ticket sales to its famous charts

(Newser) - As circulation of its print magazine continues to fall, Billboard is looking to transition to the digital age with an overhauled website designed to be a one-stop shop for pop music, USA Today reports. now allows all visitors, not just subscribers, to look at its 51-year archive of... More »

MySpace Elbows iTunes With New Music Service

Rival launches today

(Newser) - Apple’s iTunes meets its first serious challenge today with the launch of MySpace Music, CNET reports. The second-largest online social network has joined forces with Amazon and the world’s four biggest record labels to offer free streaming and paid downloads. The move also pitches media mogul and MySpace... More »

Gotta Have My (Barbie) MP3

Ever more kids use digital music players—and advertisers catch on

(Newser) - Digital music players are hot—even with the lunchbox set: A recent study shows 31% of 6 to 10-year-olds use them. This means a whole new market for kid-themed players, accessories, music and video, reports Advertising Age. Indeed, players aimed at children have proliferated in the past two years. “... More »

Napster Moves to MP3-Only Format

Site ditches DRM in blow to digital music copyright proponents

(Newser) - Bad news for digital music copyright advocates: Napster plans to sell music downloads as MP3s and stop selling DRM-protected songs, the digital music retailer said today. Digital rights management blocks consumers from illegally sharing music but is unpopular with users because DRM-protected songs will often only play on certain players... More »

Radiohead Download Deal Set to End

Monday's last chance to pay what you want; iTunes may be option

(Newser) - Radiohead is set to lay to rest its pay-what-you-will offer, which lets fans download the recently released album "In Rainbows" for as much, or (more likely) as little as they like. The promo ends Monday, after which the album will only be available on CD or record, Wired reports—... More »

Shoppers Swoon for Zunes

Thanksgiving shoppers on the hunt for 'iPod killers'

(Newser) - Microsoft's new Zune digital music players have been flying off the shelves, reports PC World. But big retailers have been running out, frustrating hordes of Thanksgiving shoppers attracted by big discounts and plenty of hype. Microsoft,  which seems to have seriously misjudged demand for the best-selling model, the Zune... More »

Amazon MP3s Come With a Catch

Music is unlocked, but be careful who you loan it to

(Newser) - Amazon's new MP3 store does a lot of things right: lower prices than iTunes, better audio quality and no embedded copyright-protection software. But as the Seattle Times' Brier Dudley warns, the fine print could get you, a real concern following last Thursday's $222,000 illegal distribution ruling against a Minnesota... More »

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