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North Korea's OS Has 'Malicious Functionality'

Linux-based Red Star operating system basically spies on whoever uses it

(Newser) - Check out North Korea's computer operating system, and it feels almost like you're using a Mac. Red Star OS is a "fully featured desktop system," German researcher Niklaus Schiess tells Motherboard , complete with word processing software and a revamped Firefox browser. But like almost everything else... More »

Hackers Earn $1M 'Bounty' for Exposing iOS 9 Fault

Now head of firm that awarded prize decides who to sell the info to

(Newser) - In September, Zerodium announced its "Million Dollar iOS Bug Bounty" contest, offering a cool mil to anyone who could hack Apple's iOS 9 and expose its security flaws. On Monday the cybersecurity startup tweeted it has a winner—an anonymous team, Digital Tech reports, that was able to... More »

Software Update Prevents iPhones From Making Calls

Apple quickly pulls iOS 8.01 amid complaints

(Newser) - Apple had to quickly yank an update to its mobile software today after the upgrade caused more problems than it was supposed to fix, reports the Verge . The company released iOS 8.01 this afternoon, hoping to get rid of widely reported bugs with iOS 8. But about an hour... More »

Notification Center for Windows 8 May Be in Works

'We ran out of time,' says Microsoft exec

(Newser) - A standard feature of most mobile operating systems is a notification center, a centralized place users can get alerts about their applications. Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8, however, does not have the feature. Why? It's not because of any groundbreaking, new way of organizing information. "Because we... More »

Windows 8: Bold, Risky, Revolutionary

Microsoft goes all in with unified tablet and PC OS

(Newser) - Microsoft unleashed Windows 8 on the world today, in the form of a "Consumer Preview" (read: Open Beta), and it's definitely not business as usual. The OS is designed to work on both tablets and PCs, and that means that, while it still has a familiar Windows "... More »

Computer Visionary Dennis Ritchie Dead at 70

He created UNIX, C programming languages

(Newser) - Dennis Ritchie, who invented the C programming language and helped create the UNIX operating system, died last weekend at age 70. His death after a long illness was first reported by Google engineer Rob Pike . Obituaries popping up on tech sites hail his work, vision, and legacy:
  • “Ritchie's
... More »

Amazon in Talks to Buy Palm

Purchase would allow Internet giant to expand with webOS

(Newser) - Hot on the heels of its Kindle Fire announcement , Amazon may be about to make a big acquisition: The company is in talks to buy Palm, an insider tells VentureBeat . Palm is currently owned by HP, but the tech firm wants to dump it, and Amazon is first in line... More »

Coming Soon: Windows 8

Could be released as early as this holiday season

(Newser) - It seems like only yesterday that Microsoft released Windows 7—and indeed, most of us haven't gotten around to upgrading to that version—but already, Windows 8 is nearly upon us. Web forums were filled with news and rumors last week after PC manufacturers and equipment makers got "early... More »

Google to Employees: Stop Using Windows

Ubiquitous OS seen as security risk

(Newser) - Google has had it with Windows. Ever since the company's Chinese operations were hacked in January, it's been trying to tighten up security, and the Microsoft OS is the first casualty, workers tell the Financial Times . “We're not doing any more Windows,” said one, “It's a security... More »

Nexus One: 'Google's Most Public Misstep'

Bad network, stymied opportunity for Android OS—what's to like?

(Newser) - The much ballyhooed Nexus One landed yesterday, but over at PC World , David Coursey is having none of it. “The Nexus One is a somewhat faster Droid with a somewhat better screen,” he writes, but all in all it's a bad idea and needless risk for Google. First,... More »

Why Google Phone Won't Be a Game Changer

Platform-exclusive features just aren't in the company's DNA

(Newser) - The Google phone, Nexus One, “is a real looker” and probably runs a great version of Android, Farhad Manjoo writes, but all the breathless predictions about its revolutionary impact on the market ignore the core principles of the company that makes it. First off, “Google doesn’t care... More »

Windows-to-Mac Software Should Scare Microsoft

Parallels' product makes choice of operating system less important

(Newser) - Conflicted about choosing sides in the apocalyptic showdown between Microsoft and Apple? No need to worry—in this brave new world, you can have your cake and eat it. Parallels is Mac software that allows users to seamlessly integrate Windows programs, even the entire desktop. So, for just $79.99—... More »

Windows 7 Drops: Microsoft Is Back

Redmond can be proud of its new OS: Pogue

(Newser) - At last, you can put your Vista woes behind you. Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, which drops today, takes what's good about its predecessor—especially security and good looks—and eliminates the parts that drove users bonkers. Windows 7 isn't just substantially faster and more compatible with users' machines,... More »

Apple's Snow Leopard Devouring Data

Logging onto guest accounts can cause massive data loss

(Newser) - A rare but extremely damaging bug is causing users of Apple's Snow Leopard operating system to lose huge amounts of data. Apple says it's working on a fix for the bug. The glitch wipes out personal data for users who have upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard and log on... More »

Windows 7: Finally an End to the Ordeal of Vista

It's even better than aging fallback Windows XP

(Newser) - PC users who've suffered the agonies of Vista are finally about to get a reprieve, Walt Mossberg says: Windows 7, to be released Oct. 22, is "a faster and much better operating system than the little-loved Windows Vista, which did a lot to harm both the company's reputation, and... More »

Pick an OS: Uncool Robots or Snooty Evangelists?

New Microsoft ads go for Mac-esque buzz—and fail laughably

(Newser) - Anyone who wants a computer faces an unpleasant choice: Mac OS or Windows. Now, Windows is “awful”— buggy, at times barely functional. But one expert would rather assign himself to Microsoft purgatory than join the club of snooty, self-satisfied cooler-than-thou Mac users. “Stop showing me your iPhone,... More »

To Appease EU, Microsoft Offers Browser Choice With Windows 7

Company allows rivals, settles antitrust case

(Newser) - Microsoft will offer a choice of web browsers to European users of the new Windows 7 operating system to avoid an antitrust fine, Bloomberg reports. “When you’re looking at ongoing fines in a downturn, it makes more sense to settle,” one analyst says. The EU says the... More »

Switchover to Windows 7 a Big Pain

Move from XP may require external hard drive, patience

(Newser) - The latest Windows incarnation beats Vista and XP, but don’t expect a smooth transition: upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is an ordeal, writes Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. “In fact, the process will be so painful that, for many XP users, the easiest solution may... More »

Why Google's OS Won't Beat Microsoft

Windows 7, open-source competition hold Chrome OS back

(Newser) - Microsoft needn’t stress about Google’s planned operating system, writes Joseph Tartakoff for paidContent. Five reasons why:
  • Windows 7 will put Microsoft on firmer ground, having won great reviews so far—and it will have been out 9 months by the time Chrome OS appears.
  • Google’s not the
... More »

With New OS, Google Looks More Like a Monopoly

(Newser) - Google’s latest project, a Web-based lightweight OS to rival Windows, sounds pretty cool at first. “But that’s why you should be worried,” writes David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times. The search giant has simply become too powerful for comfort. “Google accounts for an ungodly... More »

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