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Solar Wind Brings Water to Moon: Study

Which could help in creating a colony there

(Newser) - There is water on the moon, and it comes from an unlikely source: the sun. That's the conclusion of a new study, after studying soil samples brought back from the original Apollo 11 mission, Cosmos reports. While studies dating back to 2008 have pointed to the existence of water... More »

'Goodnight Moon Colony' Spoofs Gingrich Campaign

Comedy Central offers parody of 'Goodnight Moon'

(Newser) - Now that Newt Gingrich has finally , finally , finally dropped out of the presidential race, Comedy Central bids him adieu with an inspired take on a classic children’s book. It’s a "storybook farewell to Newt Gingrich's campaign, which we'll always remember for its nuanced policy positions... More »

Newt's Lunar Ideas Not Lunacy

We should listen to Gingrich's space ideas: Jeffrey Goldberg

(Newser) - Jeffrey Goldberg is not what one might call a Newt Gingrich fan, but as he sat on the tarmac at Reagan National Airport gazing at the space shuttle Discovery as it prepared for its final flight, he realized something: "On the matter of space exploration … Newt Gingrich is... More »

Gingrich: Moon Colony 'Bold, Visionary'

America won't cede space race to Chinese, says Newt

(Newser) - Along with picking up an endorsement from Herman Cain , Newt Gingrich was busily plugging his plan to colonize the moon yesterday, reports Politico . "We will not turn to our grandchildren and say, 'We are the generation that let the Chinese dominate space,'" Gingrich told an audience... More »

Stewart: Newt Wants to Divorce Earth, Head to Moon

Gingrich's lunar base easy fodder for the 'Daily Show'

(Newser) - Sometimes politicians make it too easy for Jon Stewart. Take Newt Gingrich. In response to accusations that he was too "grandiose" (Stewart: "Can't a guy doodle his head on Mount Rushmore without taking heat from the lamestream everyone?") Gingrich promised to ... build a moon base . "... More »

Gingrich Promises Moon Colony by 2020

Wants to go boldly into future with 'grandiose' space vision

(Newser) - A stellar idea or just lunacy? Either way, Newt Gingrich wants an American colony on the moon by the end of his second term, reports Politico . Speaking in Florida, home to much of NASA, Gingrich called his moon proposal a "Northwest Ordinance for space," and "grandiose,"... More »

NASA to Smash Rocket Into Moon Tomorrow

New crater will be blasted into surface as NASA hunts for buried ice

(Newser) - If there's ice under the moon's surface, NASA aims to find it tomorrow. A rocket will smash into a crater near the moon's south pole, kicking up hundreds of thousands of pounds of lunar dirt. The dirt will be analyzed for traces of ice or water by a satellite following... More »

Colonize the Moon? NASA to Scope It Out

(Newser) - NASA will launch a mission Wednesday to gather information about how humans might someday colonize the moon, the Los Angeles Times reports. A robotic orbiter will provide detailed maps of the topography and first-of-their kind peeks inside craters where ice might be hiding. “We're going to provide NASA with... More »

Firm Vows to Grow Flower on the Moon

(Newser) - A company that builds biospheres to sustain life in outer space is planning to grow a mustard plant on the moon, New Scientist reports. Paragon Space Development will piggyback its greenhouse on a lunar lander competing in a $30 million contest to go to the moon. "We want there... More »

Water Found in Moon Rock

Discovery stuns lunar experts

(Newser) - Water has been detected in moon rock brought to Earth by Apollo astronauts, reports A team used a new super-sensitive technique to discover the water in volcanic glass beads in the rock. The stunning find, detailed in the journal Nature, is forcing scientists to rethink theories about the... More »

NASA Sees Minivan for Moon

The shuttle's replacement, due in 2015, will be a utilitarian craft

(Newser) - Engineers are busy at work building America's next spacecraft, the long overdue replacement of the 33-year-old shuttle, and NASA has this advice for those who can't wait to see the finished product: Think minivan, not Ferrari. Fast Company explores the work at Lockheed and finds the Orion to be utilitarian... More »

Asian Space Race Stirs Friction, Pride

Moon shots spark suspicion about military plans in space

(Newser) - With China, India and Japan all launching civilian moon missions, the Christian Science Monitor examines the  Asian space race, driven by what one expert calls "techno-nationalism."  They "generate pride domestically and they demonstrate prowess internationally," but they're also inflaming security concerns and suspicions, as all... More »

Scientists Prototype Moon House

Self-sufficient space hab designed for future Moon base

(Newser) - While scientists in the '60s raced to put a man on the moon, modern scientists want to put a dozen there for three years in 90%-95% self-sufficiency. An Australian team is prototyping Luna Gaia, a space habitat that would use biological systems to recycle materials and grow food, although bored... More »

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