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Now at NFL Camps: No Tackling

Football tries to protect stars with less-intense training

(Newser) - If you want to see some truly star-studded touch football games, maybe you should try watching NFL training camp. All 32 teams kick off their camps this week, and a lot of them are limiting or outright banning tackling, the New York Times reports. Just this week the Eagles joined... More »

Roma Flee Vigilante Training Camp

Ultra-right group sets up shop near their Hungarian village

(Newser) - More than 270 Roma women and children evacuated their Hungarian village today after vigilantes established a training camp nearby, the AP reports. The vigilante group, called Vedero, wants “to intimidate the Roma here," said the head of the local Roma council. “We are afraid and we have... More »

US Releases Terror Trainer, British Outraged

Mohammed Junaid Babar ran camp where London bomber trained

(Newser) - Controversy erupted in Britain today, in the wake of a Guardian report that the US had quietly released Mohammed Junaid Babar—the jihadi whose terrorist training camp produced the mastermind behind London’s 2005 suicide bombings that killed 52—after just four and a half years in jail. Babar was... More »

Mass. Terror Suspect an 'Incompetent Wannabe'

Mehanna and accomplice were turned away from training in Yemen, Pakistan

(Newser) - The Massachusetts man arrested yesterday for plotting to shoot up a mall, kill US troops fighting overseas, and assassinate US officials didn’t really have a chance. Tarek Mehanna traveled to Yemen in search of terrorism training but couldn't find a camp. His alleged accomplice was turned away from Pakistani... More »

Who's Still at Guantanamo?

A significant portion of the final 110 have combat, recruiting experience

(Newser) - Before he can close Guantanamo, Barack Obama must decide what to do with the 250 detainees still there. About 80 are scheduled to be tried and will serve their sentences in their home countries, USA Today reports. The Pentagon has approved the release of 60 more, but has not found... More »

Canada Terror Camp Video Surfaces

Footage shows masked men receiving weapons training in snowy rural Ontario

(Newser) - A video of an alleged terrorist training camp linked to 11 suspects accused of plotting terror attacks in Canada has surfaced online days before a verdict against one of them is due, the Toronto Star reports. A lawyer for the men complained that the video—which features men in a... More »

Packers Beg Favre to Stay Home

But will legend listen?

(Newser) - Packers President Mark Murphy is flying to Mississippi in a last ditch attempt to convince Brett Favre to stay retired, or at least avoid training camp, the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports. “They’re asking him not to come,” a source said. “They don’t want him up... More »

Top NFL Training Camp Issues, Non-Favre Edition

Jets, Bears among teams facing personnel issues; pressure on Raiders' Kiffin to win

(Newser) - The NFL is in the midst of a turbulent off-season, even if you ignore the Brett Favre and Chad Johnson sagas. ESPN’s John Clayton breaks down the other top distractions as training camp nears:
  • With NFL Europe gone but the 80-man roster still in place, teams will have trouble
... More »

Rocket Avoids 'Roid Q's at Camp

Clemens wants to focus on baseball

(Newser) - Roger Clemens arrived at the Houston Astros’ training camp determined to avoid questions about his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs. “Everything’s been said that needs to be said on that. We’re moving forward. It’s baseball time. We’re going to enjoy that,” the hurler said.... More »

European Militants Find Training in Pakistan

Fighters wary of Iraq are groomed for terror ops on Afghan border

(Newser) - Renewed Al-Qaeda strength on the Pakistan-Afghan border is wooing European militants to train in Pakistan, the Los Angeles Times reports. Fighters who are wary of Iraq—where they may have to strap on a bomb on short notice—can enjoy being groomed for missions in Pakistan. “Pakistan worries me... More »

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