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A Baseball First: Knuckleballer Wins Cy Young

Mets' RA Dickey is NL winner; David Price wins in AL

(Newser) - Knuckleballer RA Dickey of the New York Mets and David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays won baseball's Cy Young awards today. The 38-year-old Dickey became the first pitcher who relied predominantly on a knuckleball to win the Cy Young, and he was an easy winner. He finished the... More »

Morgan Freeman's 'Voice' Hijacked for GOP Ad

N. Carolina congressional candidate drops spot after blast by livid actor

(Newser) - Campaign officials for a North Carolina congressional candidate have finally conceded the voice on a radio and TV spot really isn't Morgan Freeman's, even though they insisted yesterday it was. The confession came after a furious Freeman slammed the campaign for hijacking his endorsement of Republican candidate BJ Lawson, who's... More »

You're Missing Out on a Great Series

The teams in this match-up make it worth watching

(Newser) - Nobody's watching the World Series, and this year, writes Gene Wojciechowski for ESPN, everybody's missing out. Both the Rays and the Phillies came from behind to get here. They’re both managed by colorful characters: One wears a Mohawk, and the other would “rather swallow a wad of chaw.... More »

Howard/Price Matchup Could Make for Epic Series

Assuming Howard hits at all

(Newser) - The best reason to watch this World Series is that at some point, Ryan Howard will face David Price, and the game will probably be on the line, writes Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post. “That’s what you want to see,” says Jonny Gomes. “Power versus... More »

5 Factors to Focus On in Series

(Newser) - The World Series starts tomorrow night, with two teams that might not be so familiar to viewers. With that in mind, John Lowe, writing in the Detroit Free Press, has prepared a list of five players or positions that could be game changers.
  • Centerfielders: The Phillies' Shane Victorino and the
... More »

14 of 17 Blackwater Killings Unjustified: FBI

But prosecution of guards responsible may be stymied by immunity guarantees

(Newser) - Fourteen of the 17 Iraqi civilians Blackwater guards killed at a busy Baghdad intersection in September were unjustified shootings, FBI investigators have concluded. Three deaths—including a mother and son in a car—could be considered a valid use of lethal force in response to a perceived threat, the New ... More »

Embattled Blackwater Maneuvering to Expand Role

Seeks new contracts despite massacre

(Newser) - Blackwater, the private security firm under fire for controversial shootings in Iraq, is preparing expansion plans to develop a bigger role as an arm of the US military. Company founder Erik Prince wants to make Blackwater a one-stop shop for all kinds of operations to which Washington won't commit US... More »

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