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New Jersey Looks to Ban Replacement Refs

NFL has gotten 70K calls complaining about game

(Newser) - New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney has introduced a bill that would make it illegal for replacement referees to work in the state, arguing that they are a danger to players' safety, the Bergen Record reports. "We wouldn’t allow a factory or construction site to operate without fully... More »

Dear NFL, Fix the Ref Mess Before Players Get Hurt

Sally Jenkins: Greedy debate between owners and refs is foolish

(Newser) - Sally Jenkins has zero sympathy for the NFL's "32 arrogant owners" or its "121 clubby, egotistical refs," but she warns in the Washington Post that they better settle their dispute before players start getting hurt. The replacement refs just aren't cutting it. "There are... More »

Shannon Eastin Makes NFL History

She's the first woman to officiate a regular-season game

(Newser) - Shannon Eastin has made NFL history. Eastin was the line judge in today's St. Louis Rams-Detroit Lions game, making her the first woman to be an official in a regular-season game. She is among the replacement officials hired by the league while the regular officials are locked out. Replacement... More »

Replacement Refs to Open NFL Season

League, union still at odds over contract

(Newser) - The NFL will open the regular season with replacement officials. With negotiations at a standstill between the NFL and the regular officials' union, the replacements will be on the field Wednesday night when the Cowboys visit the Giants to open the season, says league executive Ray Anderson. The NFL Referees... More »

World Cup Refs Learn English Swear Words

They want to be prepared for Wayne Rooney

(Newser) - The referees for Saturday’s US/England World Cup match have specifically brushed up on English profanity in an effort to crack down on foul language. In a move sure to terrify Wayne Rooney, Brazilian referee Carlos Eugenio Simon has had his team memorize 20 curse words. “We can’t... More »

The Worst Calls of All Time

Don't feel bad, Armando, you're not alone

(Newser) - In honor of Armando Galarraga's perfect one-hitter, Salon decided to compile a list of some of the biggest blown calls in history. And we decided that it would be more fun to watch those blown calls than to read about them. So check out this video gallery, and get ready... More »

Lakers' Whining Won Game 5

(Newser) - The NBA fined Lakers coach Phil Jackson $50,000 for complaining about the officiating in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, but the frustrated Nuggets think it was money well spent. They got whistled 30 times in last night's Game 5, and they’re angry, reports Mark Kiszla of... More »

Are We Sure It Was a Fumble?

Did the Cards get hosed?

(Newser) - With 5 seconds left, Kurt Warner dropped back hoping for a miracle. Instead, he got nailed by Lamar Woodley, the ball came loose, and just like that, Super Bowl XLIII had its defining controversy. If Warner’s arm was moving forward—and it looked like it was—the play should... More »

Teams, Refs Baffled by Obscure NFL Rules

(Newser) - Eric Bassey was sure it was pass interference. He’d been tackled before the ball came anywhere near him on a fake punt attempt. But the flags stayed in the referees’ pockets, thanks to Note No. 5 under Article 5 under Section 2 under Rule 8 on page 54 of... More »

NFL Cracks Down on Zebra Abuse

Commish ponders fine for Burress as league shows shorter fuse on public criticism

(Newser) - The NFL has long been sensitive about criticism of its officials, but commissioner Roger Goodell is more often going after the wallets of players for ripping refs, particularly on the field during games, USA Today reports. Chicago’s Brian Urlacher was fined for such an incident last week, and Goodell... More »

Incomplete? Fumble? Controversy Is Only Sure Thing

Replay bites Chargers, though Denver makes most with gutsy late conversion

(Newser) - The controversy surrounding Denver’s 39-38 victory over San Diego yesterday seems likely to linger, USA Today reports, with the call that allowed the Broncos to hang onto the ball overshadowing coach Mike Shanahan’s all-or-nothing 2-point conversion attempt in the final seconds. “It was a fumble. I think... More »

NCAA Officiating: Is It a Slump?

Andy Katz wonders if officiating is in a slump

(Newser) - The officiating in college basketball has been one of the hot topics all year across the nation. From a dubious foul call 80 feet from the basket with 0.1 seconds left to give Georgetown the win over Villanova to the no-call on UCLA’s possibly-over-the-backboard shot, the nation’s... More »

Commish: Refs Violated Casino Ban, But Won't Be Punished

Draconian gambling rules under reform

(Newser) - Despite violating the NBA's stringent gambling rules, over half of the league's referees will not be punished, announced commissioner David Stern. The current rules forbid all gambling, an overly strict policy that has been improperly enforced, according to Stern; among other changes, he is likely to allow non-sports-related wagers in... More »

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