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Friendster Erasing Past

Users nostalgic as former Facebook rival plans to wipe profile

(Newser) - Social networking also-ran Friendster has announced it plans to delete all user profile content as of May 31, erasing blog entries, friend endorsements, and photos from as far back as 2003. The news has touched off a wave of nostalgia among former users, the New York Times finds. "Your... More »

How MySpace Lost Its Crown

Failure to innovate halts site's once red-hot momentum, letting Facebook take the lead

(Newser) - MySpace was overtaken by Facebook for the first time last month and without some serious innovation, Rupert Murdoch's big buy may end up joining Friendster in the ranks of the also-rans, Dawn Chmielewski and David Sarno write in the Los Angeles Times. The world of social networking moves at an... More »

Online Friending Grows Stranger

Facebook, MySpace pals won't deliver chicken soup when you're sick

(Newser) - How many online friends is too many? Facebook insists users can only have 5,000—and that's not enough for some, discovers Stephen Levy in Newsweek. "Who am I to say no to friendship?" asks one user who spends 12 hours a day on Facebook and has a waiting... More »

Google Out to Smite Facebook Software Platform

'OpenSocial' to lure software developers away from Facebook

(Newser) - Google couldn't buy a piece of Facebook, so it's going after the social networking site's software platform instead. Tomorrow a Google-led alliance will  introduce a common platform for software developers to write programs for Google's social site, Orkut, along with LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo, Ning and others. The hope is... More »

Google to Blow Minds With Facebook Rival ‘Maka-Maka’

Upcoming rollout could revolutionize social networking

(Newser) - Google is set to launch its hush-hush rival to Facebook next month. Code-named “Maka-Maka,” the watershed social networking service will introduce a completely open source platform and a slew of new applications. Details are scarce, but the vision is a social layer that combines all of Google’s... More »

5 Stories