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Reid's 6 Biggest Headaches

Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman are two of them

(Newser) - To get the 60 votes he needs just to bring his health care bill to the floor of the Senate, Harry Reid is going to have to rein in some of his caucus' members. Politico surveys the majority leader's biggest challenges.
  • Joe Lieberman, Conn. The independent said yesterday he'll join
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Dems to Palin: 'No Thanks on Campaign Help'

Polled on idea, they give 'awkward' responses

(Newser) - Sarah Palin recently said she’d be up for campaigning for some Democrats, but the interest doesn’t appear mutual, Politico reports: Many dove for cover upon being asked. “That’s a new one on me,” said a Georgia rep before ducking into an elevator. “There may... More »

Product Safety Boss Balks at Beefing Up Penalties

Says no to more leverage, staff, funding

(Newser) - The chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn't like a Senate bill that would give her agency more clout, the Times reports. Nancy Nord opposes a measure that would amp up penalties for violators, smooth the public reporting of tainted products, protect whistleblowers, and ease prosecution. It would also... More »

New Chinese Toy Recall Sparks Fury in Congress

Consumer agency 'overwhelmed'

(Newser) - The embattled Consumer Product Safety Commission announced yet another recall of dangerous toys from China yesterday as it came under withering fire in Congress over a recent wave of product safety problems.  Another half million toys made in China are being recalled because of lead paint contamination. The announcement... More »

4 Stories