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Apple's Snow Leopard Devouring Data

Logging onto guest accounts can cause massive data loss

(Newser) - A rare but extremely damaging bug is causing users of Apple's Snow Leopard operating system to lose huge amounts of data. Apple says it's working on a fix for the bug. The glitch wipes out personal data for users who have upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard and log on... More »

Apple's Snow Leopard Sleek, Speedy

(Newser) - Apple's Snow Leopard arrives in stores tomorrow, and advance reviews find it a sleeker beast than the typical upgrade. Rather than decking out OS X Leopard with new features, Apple has shrunk and sped up the program. David Pogue in the New York Times greets the upgrade as a long-overdue... More »

Buying a Computer? Wait for New OS

(Newser) - It’s a bad time to buy a computer, writes Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. And that makes it an equally awkward time for his annual computer buying guide. Both Microsoft and Apple will release new operating systems in the fall, and it’ll be easier to buy... More »

Windows 7: Finally, an End to Vista Misery

'New' Microsoft OS is major improvement, say critics

(Newser) - Microsoft is rolling out a successor to Vista, its universally reviled operating system, with Windows 7 now available in a relatively bug-free beta download. Early users report that the new edition is a marked improvement. David Pogue, in the New York Times, says Windows 7 ends “a big part... More »

MacBook Air: Beautiful, Compromised

It's sexy, it's skinny, but first reviewers say it's not for everyone

(Newser) - If thin is in, Apple’s new Air should be the hottest fashion this season. The new subnotebook weighs under 3 pounds and is three-quarters of an inch thick—at its deepest. Like all things Apple, Air’s beautiful, simple, and evokes technolust among geeks and non-geeks alike. But, say... More »

Dude, This New Dell Is Sweet

Desktop is 'elegant, handsome, and cleverly designed'

(Newser) - The iMac’s latest challenger is coming from an unlikely source: Dell. The maker " long associated with boxy, boring machines" brings the buzz with its newest contender, the XPS One, raves the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. The sleek desktop machine, he says, is “elegant, handsome, and... More »

Leopard Leaps to Record

Operating system becomes Apple's most successful yet

(Newser) - The NPD market research group says that the lates version of the operating system, Leopard, is Apple's most successful yet, reports Apple Insider. In its first month on the shelves, sales were 20% higher than last year's Tiger release, despite promotion being stepped down a little. Tiger sold 30% more... More »

Macs 'Cheaper' Than PCs

No, really. Salon does the math: It's all about the 'amazing' resale value of the Apple

(Newser) - If you don't have an Apple yet, Salon is pretty sure it's because you think Macs are more expensive than PCs. With Apple's fortunes rising on the waves of iPods, iPhones and the dazzling new Leopard operating system, price remains for many the last obstacle to switching to a Mac.... More »

Leopard Outpaces Tiger— in Sales to Mac OS X Users

2M copies move in 4 days

(Newser) - Apple has moved 2 million copies of Mac OS X Leopard since the long-awaited operating system dropped Friday. The figure is Apple’s biggest for a new OS, far outpacing the sales of its predecessor Tiger, which took 6 weeks to break the same mark in 2005, AppleInsider reports. Steve... More »

Apple's Bite Bigger Than Ever

Computer sales surge as new operating system nears debut

(Newser) - Sales of Mac computers are booming, boosted by the success of Apple's iPod and iPhone among PC users. Apple will move into third place among computer makers today—behind Hewlett Packard and Dell, reports the New York Times. The surge comes just as Apple is about to release the new... More »

Apple's Leopard Debuts Oct. 26

New Mac OS stacks, backs up files; it retails at $129

(Newser) - Apple's highly anticipated new operating system Leopard will premiere on October 26. The delayed OS has over 300 new features, including Stacks, which piles together similar folders, documents, or applications—and then can fan their contents into an arc for browsing, AppleInsider reports. Using his favorite superlative, Apple boss Steve... More »

New OS Delay Shows Strains At Apple

"They've shaken people's confidence in their ability to execute," says analyst

(Newser) - The iPhone is coming on time, but at a price: Apple's new Leopard operating system is on hold until October. The decision reflects an overstretched company that's expanding faster than its small staff can handle, analysts say. Apple's talent for innovation, showcased by products like the iPod—and more recently,... More »

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