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Women Deemed Better Coders— if Not IDed as Women

Study of GitHub developers shows possible link to gender bias

(Newser) - When a group of student computer scientists decided to test their hypothesis that software coding done by women doesn't get as much cred as that done by males, they came face to face with a couple of surprises. In the not-yet-peer-reviewed study published in the open-access PeerJ journal, researchers... More »

John McAfee's Bizarre Life on the Run

Software pioneer might as well be in a spy novel: Jon Swartz

(Newser) - John McAfee is leading a relatively public life—he's often on Fox, and he's running a Montreal-based startup—even as he lives in hiding. The software developer believes there's a $650,000 contract on his head, though that's down from $2 million, he tells Jon Swartz... More »

Cisco to Slash 4K Jobs Over 'Slow' Economy

CEO John Chambers also cites bloated middle ranks

(Newser) - Cisco Systems is cutting jobs again even though it saw rising revenues in the fourth fiscal quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. The network-equipment giant said today it will slash 4,000 jobs, or 5% of workers, because economic growth isn't moving fast enough. "What we see is... More »

Microsoft: We Got Hacked Too

But software mega-company makes it sound minor

(Newser) - All but inevitable? Microsoft has joined the ranks of US companies that admit to having been hacked, Reuters reports. On the heels of Twitter , Apple , Facebook , the New York Times , and others, Microsoft today announced that a few of its computers were infected with malware after connecting to a software... More »

Users Flock to Plunk Down $50 on New Social Network promises to shield you from ads, spam

(Newser) - There's a new social network in town, or at least there soon might be. is asking potential users to pay $50 to join, and in return it promises users a "real-time social feed without the ads." That must sound good to quite a few people,... More »

Teenage Entrepreneur Squatted in AOL Offices

Eric Simons turned AOL campus into his personal office

(Newser) - A teenage entrepreneur found the perfect place to develop his new software: AOL's campus in Palo Alto, Calif. Only problem: No one knew he was also eating, sleeping, working out, and doing his laundry there, CNET reports. Eric Simons had invented his educational software, ClassConnect, in a new campus... More »

New College Degree: App Making

Grads won't have to look far for work, says Rasmussen College

(Newser) - Want to develop apps for smartphones? Now there's a college degree for that. Rasmussen College, which has campuses in five states and offers online courses, has launched 2- and 4-year degree courses in app making, the Telegraph reports. The director of the college's School of Technology estimates some 300,000... More »

Mideast Regimes Use US Software to Censor Web

Firms cite lack of control over how products are used

(Newser) - Behind Middle Eastern governments' censorship of the Web, an uncomfortable reality—US products help do the dirty work. Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia use filtering programs by McAfee; other US and Canadian firms have sold Web-filtering technology to Yemen and Qatar, among other countries, the Wall Street Journal reports. The... More »

Duplicitous Zuckerberg Stalled Early Facebook Rival

Founder delayed project he was working on to benefit his site

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from the founders of a rival site and intentionally stalled that site's development so his would prosper. That's the takeaway from an analysis of instant messages Business Insider says it “believes” the Facebook CEO sent while his site was getting off the... More »

Apple Considers 'Explicit' Section for Booted Apps

Developer-only category could mean restricted App Store area in future

(Newser) - Just days after Apple drew the wrath of the blogosphere for booting racy apps from its App Store, iPhone developers report a new “Explicit” category in its place. The move could mean the company is carving out a future place for some of the more than 5,000 programs... More »

Apple Pulls Sexy iPhone Apps

Evidence of systemwide effort to rid App Store of explicit material

(Newser) - Apple appears to be cracking down on sexually explicit applications for sale in its App Store as one and then another racy app becomes unavailable. TechCrunch has what a developer says is an email describing the decision to pull his program. “We have decided to remove any overtly sexual... More »

Forget Soccer Moms— Meet Ping-Pong Parents

Immigrants' kids dominate table tennis scene

(Newser) - Good old-fashioned American sports parenting meets immigrant drive at the India Community Center in the Silicon Valley town of Milpitas, Calif., which is churning out the country’s best young ping-pong players. Top coaches from India and China are schooling the children of high-tech workers who know the drill for... More »

Apple Axes Scamming iPhone Developer, 1K Apps

Molinker apparently paid for good reviews in App Store

(Newser) - Apple has delivered swift corporal punishment to iPhone app developer Molinker for scamming the App Store ratings system, banning the company and removing more than a 1000 applications. Though this particular move seems just, Wired notes, it highlights the cutthroat stakes of the user ratings game in a marketplace where... More »

iPhone Hacker Gets Job Writing Apps

21-year-old is hired by an Australian tech company

(Newser) - The 21-year-old who created the first-ever iPhone worm has landed a job developing apps for the phone. Ashley Towns revealed via his Twitter account that he's been hired by Australia's monogeneration. Towns has said he created the "ikee" worm—it changed users' wallpaper into a photo of Rick Astley—... More »

Big Bucks Elusive for App Store Developers

'App Store Millionaires' few and far between

(Newser) - The popularity of the iPhone turned Apple’s App Store into a gold rush for developers. Lured by a deal that allows app makers to keep 70% of revenue, thousands poured into the field. The reality, however, has not lived up to the hype. Most lose money and even those... More »

'Hardware Hackers' Get Handy

Programmers leave screens for soldering irons

(Newser) - Seeking an escape from the confined world of their computer screens, programmers are applying their technological know-how to the physical world, building and tweaking an array of devices with their hands, the Boston Globe reports. “My normal job is way up in the clouds,” said a programmer at... More »

Facebook's Goal: 'Blowing Up the Browser'

(Newser) - Facebook has opened its user “feeds” to widget developers, paving the way to a new existence in the decentralized, cross-platform “AfterWeb,” Josh Quittner writes in Time. Though the move is seen by some as a counter to rival Twitter, which can already be accessed in myriad ways,... More »

Fortune Favors the iPhone Developer

Pros and amateurs stampede to profit from tech 'gold rush'

(Newser) - There’s really no sure way of making a buck these days—unless you write a successful app for the iPhone, the New York Times says. Professionals and amateurs alike are cashing in on the iPhone gold rush by developing applications. Cash-strapped programmer Ethan Nicholas, whose app has topped 2... More »

Stanford Offers Free iPhone App Developer Course

iTunes U course will teach online students how to build applications

(Newser) - Stanford University is offering free online lessons to would-be iPhone application developers, reports Ars Technica. The university's computer science department is making materials from its 10-week iPhone Application Programming course available for download from iTunes starting this week, including video lectures by Apple engineers. The materials will be the same... More »

EBay Will Open Doors to Outside Programmers

Openness move won't take off until 2009

(Newser) - EBay has revealed a plan to let third-party software programs work within its Selling Manager, a tool used by 700,000 large merchants. Project Echo is the latest landmark in an openness movement that helped Facebook hit its stride, Reuters reports, as independent developers will soon have their software promoted... More »

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