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100 Must-Have Skills for Geeks

Do you have the know-how to be a true techie?

(Newser) - Think you're a geek? Living up to the label requires a certain set of skills—or knowing how to Google them. Wired compiles the 100 essential skills for true geekdom:
  1. Secure a wireless router.
  2. Steal wi-fi from your neighbor.
  3. Mess with people stealing wi-fi.
  4. Name all the Dwarves in The
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Flash Attack Could Turn Routers Into Zombies

Experts say online criminals could exploit UPnP to hijack routers

(Newser) - Security experts have demonstrated how attackers could use Flash software and the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to hijack their home routers, reports PC World. Users exposed to a malicious Flash file could have the servers they're trying to reach changed remotely and secretly, meaning a fraudster could redirect... More »

Cisco Goes Green with Energy Gauging

Networking company to measure power use from data centers

(Newser) - Green-minded Cisco Systems is looking to improve energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption, operating temperature, and more from its enterprise data network. With energy costs and global warming worries escalating, Cisco plans to expand beyond communications and use its data network to help companies manage their power use and prevent... More »

Cisco Marches Into China With $16B Expansion

Network king partners with Chinese firm on censored Internet

(Newser) - Cisco Systems, the giant of network gear, has announced a long-term, $16 billion expansion into Chinese markets, reports the AP. The multi-part expansion includes doubling Cisco's manufacturing in the country, a venture capital program in collaboration with a government bank, and a partnership with China's largest commerce website to produce... More »

4 Stories