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Dodgers Must Pay Beaten Fan $15M

Team found negligent in attack on Bryan Stow

(Newser) - The Dodgers must pay about $15 million to a fan who suffered brain damage in a 2011 attack on Opening Day, reports Reuters . Jurors found the team negligent in the beating suffered by Bryan Stow in a parking lot after the game. Two Dodgers fans attacked the Giants fan so... More »

Magic Johnson Group Buys Dodgers for $2B

Frank McCourt accepts record-breaking bid

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Dodgers will become the most expensive sports franchise ever sold under a deal reached between owner Frank McCourt and a group led by Magic Johnson. The $2.3 billion all-cash deal includes $2 billion for the team, and $150 million for a joint venture on land surrounding... More »

Frank McCourt Selling the Dodgers

Owner, MLB agree to auction

(Newser) - Frank McCourt will auction off the Dodgers, marking an end to a particularly turbulent season that included a high-profile beating , a lawsuit related to the beating, a near-takeover by Major League Baseball, and a bankruptcy filing —not to mention a disappointing record and less-than-stellar ticket sales. McCourt and the... More »

Dodgers File for Bankruptcy: Manny Ramirez Biggest Creditor

Move comes days before payroll due

(Newser) - With owner Frank McCourt unable to meet this week’s payroll, the Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy. McCourt will likely hold that this means Major League Baseball can’t take over the team, notes Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports , though the courts may decide otherwise in the coming... More »

Bud Selig Scuttles Dodgers' TV Deal, McCourt Divorce

But MLB doesn't move to seize woeful team

(Newser) - Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gave Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt a major league headache today after putting the kibosh on a proposed TV deal between the Dodgers and Fox—and simultaneously squashing McCourt's divorce deal from Jamie McCourt. Selig said the deal was "structured to facilitate the... More »

Fans Rejoice at Dodgers Takeover

But battle for the fate of the team could be a long one

(Newser) - There is general jubilation among Dodgers fans today, after Major League Baseball seized control of the team from wildly unpopular owner Frank McCourt. “Seven years here with the Boston Parking Lot Attendant and the Screaming Meanie, and clueless reporters are asking Dodgers officials Wednesday if this is the darkest... More »

League May Boot Owner of 'Soap Opera' Dodgers

MLB takes control of team finances from Frank McCourt

(Newser) - Boston real estate developer Frank McCourt once tried to buy his hometown Red Sox, and Boston fans should rejoice today that the deal fell through. McCourt instead bought the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he's made such a mess of things that Major League Baseball today took over the finances... More »

Dodgers Hired Russian 'Healer' to Boost Wins

Russian immigrant sent positive energy to team

(Newser) - Whenever the Dodgers stepped up to bat during their'08 National League West-winning season, a Russian emigre scientist watching the game on TV at his Massachusetts home sent mental waves of positive energy their way. Perhaps the strangest detail to emerge in the bitter divorce proceedings of Dodgers owners Frank and... More »

Dodgers Owners Headed for Ugly Divorce

Jamie McCourt says Frank had no right to fire her as team CEO

(Newser) - This could get messier than the Los Angeles Dodgers’ playoff elimination against Philadelphia: Jamie McCourt, wife of Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt filed for divorce today, charging that they are in fact co-owners, and that Frank had no right to fire her last week as the team’s chief executive.... More »

Manny Back in LA for 2 Years, $45M

(Newser) - Manny Ramirez will be back with the Los Angeles Dodgers for at least a year after contentious contract negotiations, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 37-year-old slugger, pending a physical, will sign a $45 million contract for 2 years, with an opt-out clause after the first year and a $25... More »

Dodgers Turn Down New Manny Offer

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Dodgers tossed aside another counter-offer from Manny Ramirez's agent today, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sounding testy and calling the talks "a distraction" from spring training, team owner Frank McCourt said the two sides would "start from scratch" in negotiations. "And you... More »

Public Feud Bruising Manny, Dodgers

(Newser) - Teams don’t usually publicize their offers to players, but the Dodgers have publicized their offer to Manny Ramirez—in fact, they’ve publicized all four of them. And so LA is embroiled in a bizarre spring training, dominated by an ongoing negotiation/feud with a player who isn’t there.... More »

Manny Rejects Dodgers' $45M Offer

Deferred payments deep-six deal

(Newser) - The Dodgers sent out an angry mass email last night, titled “Boras Rejects Dodgers Offer to Manny,” complaining that agent Scott Boras had shot down yet another offer—this time for a two-year, $45 million deal. But Boras says he didn’t reject the offer, he simply made... More »

Manny Brings Special Bat, Special Headache to LA

Dodgers get one loopy guy, but hey, they got him for nothing

(Newser) - Look out, LA—Manny Ramirez is coming. The ex-Red Sox outfielder brings "510 career home runs inside 510 pounds of baggage,” writes Bill Plaschke of the LA Times. And "the only thing that flops around more than his trademark dreadlocks are his moods." But the deal... More »

Go West, Yankee: Torre Signs With Dodgers

LA reportedly offers $4M per season for three-year deal as manager

(Newser) - After an expedited courtship period, the Los Angeles Dodgers have officially signed ex-Yankee Joe Torre as their manager for the next three years, replacing Grady Little, who stepped down Tuesday. While the details are yet to be disclosed, Torre is expected to haul in $4 million a season, the Los ... More »

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