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High School Seniors' High Grades May Be Deceiving

Grades are rising, on average, but SAT scores are falling—so are students learning?

(Newser) - If you've got a straight-A student living under your roof, you may want to give your teen a pop quiz once in a while. A new study reveals that even though a larger percentage of high school seniors than their 1998 counterparts are heading off to college with an... More »

How Trump Grades Himself Thus Far: A+, A, C+

President also explains why he tweets

(Newser) - On Monday night, President Trump hyped his upcoming Fox & Friends interview, and Tuesday morning he delivered—his first self-administered report card. In his sit-down with the Fox crew , which Politico notes was taped Monday afternoon, Trump awarded himself an A for achievement and an A-plus for effort so far,... More »

Parents' Depression Hurts Kids' Grades

That's especially true for daughters of depressed moms

(Newser) - Having a depressed parent can take a toll on a child in any number of ways, and a comprehensive new study suggests a tangible one: lower school grades. The study led by researchers at Philadelphia's Drexel University found that kids whose mothers were diagnosed with depression had GPAs about... More »

Pot-Smoking Students Fail More Courses

Especially math courses, study says

(Newser) - Hanging out in marijuana cafes and smoking the night away is not exactly good for your grades, especially in math, according to a new study . Researchers drew this conclusion after comparing more than 54,000 grades of undergraduates in the Dutch city of Maastricht, where some were banned from the... More »

Student Hacker Changes Dozens of Grades

Louisiana school suspends about 45 kids, so far

(Newser) - At Beau Chene High School in Louisiana this year, you could study diligently to raise your grades—or else just know a hacker described by a classmate as "a cool dude." The cool dude, an unidentified senior, managed to get into the school's computer system to change... More »

Judge Shoots Down Grad Who Sued Over Grade

She couldn't prove she didn't deserve that C+

(Newser) - A C+ is just going to have to be good enough for Lehigh University graduate Megan Thode. A judge yesterday rejected Thode's headline-grabbing $1.3 million lawsuit over a C+ she got while still in school, the Lehigh Valley Morning Call reports. The judge said that Thode had failed... More »

Lehigh Student Sues Over Grade

She claims university unfairly ruined her career path

(Newser) - Here's one extreme way to dispute a bad grade: A graduate student at Pennsylvania's Lehigh University has sued the school because she didn't earn a high enough grade in a key course, reports the Morning Call . Megan Thode got a C+, but she needed a B in... More »

Lawmaker: Let's Cut Welfare When Kids Get Bad Grades

Tennessee state senator sparks debate with new bill

(Newser) - Tough news for Tennessee parents on welfare: Republican state Sen. Stacey Campfield introduced legislation last week that would slash welfare benefits for parents whose kids get crummy grades, Fox News reports. Critics call it an unfair proposal that will ultimately hurt children, but Campfield says the bill will inspire parents... More »

LA Schools: Homework Can't Exceed 10% of Grade

New rule aims to help kids facing after-school pressures

(Newser) - The nation's second-biggest school district is entering the debate over homework: A new policy dictates that it can't be worth more than 10% of a student's grade, reports the LA Times . The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to ease the after-school burden on its largely low-income,... More »

Good Grades in High School May Mean Good Health Later

Study finds correlation over six-decade study

(Newser) - Being a top student in high school has obvious benefits, mainly with regard to getting into a good college. But being a top high school performer might have more lasting effects: it leads to better health all throughout life, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin tracked... More »

What Happened to 'E' Grade?

We used it once—and not for 'excellent'

(Newser) - You can get an A, B, C, D, or F in a class—whatever happened to E? It was used at one point, writes Brian Palmer in Slate’s Explainer column . At Mount Holyoke College, which boasts the earliest record of letter grades, it was given for scores of 74... More »

New Site Lets Students Bet on Their Grades

And yes, they can bet they will flunk—with 'grade insurance'

(Newser) - A new website is taking wagers from American college students who want to bet on their own grades. Just as Las Vegas sports books set odds on sporting events, Ultrinsic will pay top dollar for A's, a little less for the more likely outcome of a B average or better,... More »

Obama, Biden Earn A-Minuses

Pundits offer wide-ranging report card

(Newser) - On President Obama’s 100th day in office, Mark Halperin of Time provides a White House report card:
  • Barack Obama: A-. “Instantly comfortable and highly skilled at the hardest job in the world.”
  • Joe Biden: A-: Operates "precisely in the manner he and Obama discussed
... More »

Facebook Users Get Lower Grades

Then again, non-users study 11-15 hours a week

(Newser) - College students who use Facebook are less likely to be crowing about their grades in status updates, according to a new study that found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that non-Facebooking students get significantly higher grades. The Facebook users all said in a survey that the site didn’t interfere with their study... More »

Colo. District to Ditch Grade Levels

Students in Adams 50 will progress based on knowledge, not age

(Newser) - Faced with a 58% graduation rate and falling test scores, officials in Colorado’s Adams 50 school district are doing away with traditional grade levels as part of a massive educational transformation, the Christian Science Monitor reports. When the program is fully phased in, students will no longer be separated... More »

A Big Win for Black Nerds

Scorn for 'thinking they're white' long an obstacle

(Newser) - Barack Obama provides a boost for black educational achievement that is much more powerful than any policy. His bookish example may throw a lifeline to black nerds who, scorned for "acting white," feel pressure to slack academically to stay cool, John McWhorter writes in New York. Research shows... More »

Parents Rate Online Report Cards an 'A'

Students can't hide, 'forget to bring home' real-time progress

(Newser) - As more schools embrace digital learning tools and assignment calendars, up-to-the-minute GPAs are going online as well. Students whose schools use online report cards don't have the chance of hiding a low test score, because their parents need only log on to see Junior's latest grades. But it can breed... More »

With Harvard's Help, Good Grades Pay Off in Chicago

System rewards as much as $50 for A's—and half depends on graduation

(Newser) - Chicago public high schools are paying students for good grades under a program funded partly by Harvard University, the Tribune reports. Freshmen get $50 for A’s, $35 for B’s and $20 for C’s, with half their earnings held until they graduate. Some 20 other Chicago-area schools, encompassing... More »

Grade Hackers Face Jail and $250K Fines

Others cheated too; FBI, attorney general on the case

(Newser) - Two ex-undergrads at Fresno State U. have been charged with hacking the school's system to up their grades—and face up to 20 years in jail and $250,000 fines, Computerworld reports. John Escalera, who worked the computer help desk, reportedly hacked the Peoplesoft management system in 2004 to raise... More »

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