South Beach diet

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Heart Doc's Tips for a Healthy Ticker

South Beach Diet guru shares his secrets

(Newser) - Arthur Agatston, the cardiologist who cooked up the South Beach Diet, takes no medications and embraces a philosophy of moderation—he's not starving himself or downing dozens of vitamins. He clues Prevention magazine in on his advice for keeping your heart in tip-top shape:
  • Eat four times a day: 
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Americans Lose Love for Dieting

More people accept their extra weight, focus on eating better-quality food

(Newser) - Americans are obsessed with dieting, right? Well, not anymore. A new survey indicates that only 26% of US women and 16% of men are on diets, the Boston Globe reports—the lowest numbers in 2 decades. And there are plenty of reasons why. More »

Atkins Linked to Blood Vessel, Heart Damage

High-fat, low-carb regimen unhealthy over time, study says

(Newser) - The Atkins diet can hurt blood vessels and swell inflammation linked to artery and heart disease over time, according to a study released yesterday. US scientists say the Atkins regimen can cause inflammation to spike by 30-40%, while low-fat diets like South Beach and Ornish kept it stable or lowered... More »

3 Stories