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Neanderthals Used Aspirin, Too

Plaque on their teeth reveals their dietary and medical ways

(Newser) - Scientists are thrilled to have discovered a gross buildup on a few fossilized teeth, and with reason. Not only were they able to discern the three Neanderthals' diets (two ate primarily meat, one primarily plants), they're also feasting their eyes on prehistoric microbiomes that are shedding more light on... More »

Pill Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Study reveals 'startling' increase in artery plaque

(Newser) - New research suggesting a link between birth control pills and heart attacks has reignited a furious debate among scientists about the risks of oral contraceptives. Researchers in Europe found women had a 20-30% increase in artery-clogging plaque for every 10 years on oral contraceptives, CBS News reports. Nearly 12 million... More »

2 Stories