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Borrowers Ditch Banks, Turn to Peer Loans

Once modest industry will soon lend more than $5 billion annually

(Newser) - As the banking pendulum swings from reckless lending to impossible-to-get credit, people are increasingly turning away from institutions and toward each other for loans, reports the Washington Post. The shaky stock market has made the peer-to-peer market ideal for investors, while borrowers happily trade credit card debt for interest rates... More »

Arbitration Firms Quit Consumer Debt Biz

Credit card, cell phone companies scramble to collect by themselves

(Newser) - Credit card and cell phone companies are scrambling as two major arbitration firms back out of the business of settling consumer disputes, the Wall Street Journal reports. The National Arbitration Forum—accused in a Minnesota lawsuit of misleading consumers into thinking it was impartial—will stop taking cases this week,... More »

Feds Overhaul Credit Card Rules

New rules will tighten interest rates, could cost issuers $10B in revenue

(Newser) - Credit card companies will be forbidden from raising interest rates on existing debt after major changes to federal regulations OK'd today go into effect, USA Today reports. Starting in July 2010, the new rules will also restrict issuers' ability to cherry-pick higher-interest parts of balances to pay down first, and... More »

AmEx Will Lay Off 7K

Pay increases, hiring halted to prop up credit-card giant's savings

(Newser) - Noting that even wealthy Americans are struggling financially, American Express announced today it will cut 10% of its workforce, halt executive pay increases, and freeze new hires. The creditor to the elite will charge $440 million against fourth-quarter results to cover restructuring after 7,000 jobs are cut across all... More »

7 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Simple tips to boost that murky rating

(Newser) - Credit scores are key if you're getting a new cell phone, new home, new car—even a new job. The Today Show offers 7 simple steps to give your score a boost:
  1. Fix errors on your reports: A mistake on one report can sink a score.
  2. Be timely: Payment history
... More »

American Express Feels Credit Crunch

With defaults on rise, company taking hefty fourth-quarter charge

(Newser) - With consumer spending slowing and credit defaults on the rise, American Express said today it will take a fourth-quarter charge of $275 million to build up its charge-card reserves, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company, which cited housing turmoil as a contributing factor, also predicted earnings to come in... More »

Big Banks Settle on Superfund Terms

Paulson says fund will help, but analysts bearish on its prospects

(Newser) - The country’s top three banks have finalized agreements for the $75 billion superfund they hope will cushion further blows to the credit market, reports the NY Times. After nearly two months of haggling, Bank of America, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase agreed to simpler conditions than outlined in the fund’... More »

7 Stories