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New Kick for Brit Soccer Fans: Jacko Statue

Fulham FC fans will be greeted by King of Pop at stadium

(Newser) - A statue of Michael Jackson has found an unlikely home outside a soccer stadium in London. Jackson's statute will greet fans arriving at Fulham's home ground Craven Cottage on the banks of the Thames after it is unveiled early next month, the Telegraph reports. Team owner Mohammed Al Fayed, who... More »

Photog Must Pay Damages for Diana Make-Out Shots

Dodi's dad gets $6,000 for privacy breach

(Newser) - A British photographer has been ordered to pay damages for snapping shots of Princess Diana kissing boyfriend Dodi Fayed. A Paris court levied $6,000 in fines and $8,000 in damages to be paid to Dodi's dad, Mohamed Al Fayed, owner of the yacht where the the two were... More »

Fayed: 'Nazi' Philip Killed Diana

Dodi's dad decries royals, details conspiracy theory in inquest rant

(Newser) - Prince Phillip—a “Nazi” who should be sent “back to Germany from where he comes”—headed a royal family plot to murder Princess Diana and his son, Dodi Al Fayed's father told the Diana inquest today. “You want to know his original name—It ends with... More »

No Cover-Up in Diana Crash, Survivor Says

Bodyguard refutes al-Fayed claim that Brits killed princess, Dodi

(Newser) - Still bearing scars on his face from the 1997 crash that killed Princess Diana, bodyguard Trevor Rees told the inquest into her death today that he isn't part of a British cover-up alleged by Mohammed al-Fayed, Reuters reports. "All I have ever done is give the truth as I... More »

Ex-Lawyer: Diana Predicted Queen's Abdication

Princess said she and Charles would be 'skipped over'

(Newser) - Princess Diana believed Queen Elizabeth would abdicate in 1996, and that Prince Charles should succeed her on the throne but wouldn't, the BBC reports. Divorce lawyer Maggie Rae testified today that Diana confided in her in October 1995, predicting that Prince William would be picked over Charles. She also said... More »

Butler: Dodi Wasn't 'the One'

Factotum tells inquest Diana planned to marry ex-flame Khan

(Newser) - Princess Diana had no intention of marrying Dodi al Fayed but had set her sights on Hasnat Khan, says her former butler and confidant extraordinaire. Paul Burrell testified at her inquest today that he met with a Catholic priest to make arrangements for a private ceremony for the princess and... More »

Passerby Held Diana's Hand

'My God, my God,' she said in last moments

(Newser) - A good Samaritan dramatically described holding the hand of Princess Diana and comforting her as she lay dying in the tangled wreckage of a Mercedes in a Paris tunnel. “She repeated words, ‘My God, My God,'” he said in a statement read yesterday at the London inquest... More »

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