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Maryland's State Song May Lose 'Northern Scum' Dig

State Senate passes bill to modify Confederate-slanted Civil War anthem

(Newser) - No one seems to take issue with Maryland's state flower (the black-eyed Susan), dog (the Chesapeake Bay retriever), or even dessert (the multi-layer Smith Island cake). But the state's Department of Legislative Services tells NBC News that lawmakers have tried more than once to dump "Maryland! My... More »

Long Island Rail Workers Charged With Faking Injuries

Scheme could cost federal pension agency more than $1B

(Newser) - The FBI charged 11 people yesterday in connection with a massive fraud scheme that saw hundreds of Long Island Rail Road workers allegedly fake disabling injuries so that they could retire early and collect their pensions. Among those arrested are two doctors who together approved cases handing $121 million to... More »

Study Traces Europe's Bets on Civil War

This re-enactment uses Confederate bonds, not weapons

(Newser) - Studying sales of Confederacy bonds in Amsterdam during the US Civil War, two economists say they're able to judge how European traders saw the South's chances of victory, the Wall Street Journal reports. Investors pegged the rebels' odds at 42% early on, but their 1863 defeat at Gettysburg sank bond... More »

3 Stories