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Amazon Now Moves to Slash E-Book Prices

But DoJ suit expected to be bad news for readers in long run

(Newser) - Just after the Department of Justice launched its antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five major publishers , Amazon announced plans to slash e-book prices. But while the move is expected to cut the prices of major titles from $14.99 to $9.99 or less, analysts believe the benefit to consumers... More »

Harry Potter E-Books Debut

For sale on Pottermore website

(Newser) - Finally, e-reader users can be reunited with Harry Potter. For the first time, e-books of the entire series went on sale today on the Pottermore website, with the first three books costing $7.99 apiece and the last four $9.99 each. The books are compatible with most e-readers, but... More »

E-Books Joining NYT Bestseller List

Fiction and nonfiction will be ranked early next year

(Newser) - E-books are gaining sales and credibility: The New York Times will add two e-book bestseller lists, fiction and nonfiction, beginning next year. The company has been working on a system to track and verify sales for two years, using weekly data from publishers, bookstores, and online retailers. “It was... More »

Apple Tablet Rollout Has Publishers Scrambling

War with Kindle to transform business

(Newser) - Book publishers were locked in last-minute talks with Apple ahead of today's unveiling of the tablet, which has been touted as promising to change the publishing industry as radically as the iPod did the music industry. The tablet's model for books, which puts it in direct competition with the Amazon... More »

Publishers Delay E-Book Releases by 4 Months

Simon & Schuster, Hachette protest deep discounting of e-books

(Newser) - Taking a stand against the cut-rate $9.99 pricing in the fast-growing e-book market, two prominent publishers will start delaying release of e-books until four months after hardcovers come out. "The right place for the e-book is after the hardcover but before the paperback," Simon & Schuster tells... More »

Barnes & Noble Unveils 'Nook' E-Reader

Unlike Kindle, users can loan books to others for 2 weeks

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble unveiled its new e-reader today: the Nook. Like the Kindle, it's a wireless device that allows for instant downloads of purchases. Some details, via CNET, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and PC World.
  • It costs $259, same as the Kindle, and will be out
... More »

Amazon Cuts Kindle Price, Offers Worldwide Wireless

E-reader now just $259, but cheaper Sony device is making inroads

(Newser) - Amazon slashed the price of its Kindle e-reader by $40 today and introduced a new edition of the device that will enable wireless downloads in 100 countries. The move brings the price of a Kindle to $259, which is still $60 more expensive than Sony's competitor. Amazon will also finally... More »

Why the Kindle Stinks

(Newser) - Nicholson Baker wanted to like the Kindle, honest. But when he unwrapped it and began to see what all the fuss was about, he "tussled with a sense of anti-climax," the prolific author writes in the New Yorker. Things never improved. He slams the e-reader for having a... More »

Sony Reader Gets 500K Free Books From Google

Device's library now bigger than Kindle's

(Newser) - Google is making half a million books available for free on the Sony Reader, propelling it past Amazon’s Kindle as the e-book device with the most tomes, at 600,000, the AP reports. The availability of the public-domain books, all published before 1923, marks the first time Google has... More »

iPhone E-Books Can't Match Kindle's Catalog

Convenient apps have attractive interface, features: Mossberg

(Newser) - E-book applications for the iPhone are a source of competition for dedicated reading gizmos like Amazon’s Kindle. After testing two popular e-book apps, Walt Mossberg finds that both have attractive features, but currently can’t match the 200,000-strong catalog of digital books—especially new bestsellers—available for the... More »

Oprah Flips for Amazon's Kindle

Reading gadget is 'life changing,' TV host declares

(Newser) - Oprah Winfrey is taking her book-promotion prowess to the tech world: The multimedia mogul declared the Amazon Kindle device her “new favorite gadget” on today’s show, calling it “life changing.” That should give the year-old electronic reader a boost, reports Forbes, but the Kindle may... More »

Publisher Will Post Free Books Online

HarperCollins execs want readers to browse before they buy

(Newser) - In a counterintuitive move, HarperCollins will attempt to sell more books by giving books away. Starting today, a handful of complete books will be available free on the publisher's website. The company compares the new policy to allowing prospective readers to flip through as they might in a store. “... More »

Book Lovers Make Plea for Better Reviews

New Republic calls shrinking coverage a risk to society

(Newser) - The book may be in decline in our fast-changing world, one complete with electronic readers and shrinking attention spans, but the editors at New Republic will have none of it. They reject the notion that books must conform to the digital age and take newspapers to task for the decline... More »

Amazon's E-Reader Sells Out Within Hours

Kindle gets mixed reviews, but it's gone in a flash

(Newser) - Amazon’s pre-Thanksgiving launch of the Kindle, an electronic book reader, sold out in just five and a half hours, reports Engadget. The $399 device is able to download books directly from Amazon’s wireless network, which piggybacks on Sprint’s, bypassing Wi-Fi hotspots and making it independent of computers.... More »

Amazon Tries Something Novel With E-book Reader

But similar devices haven't captured the public's imagination

(Newser) - Online retail giant Amazon.com will unveil its highly anticipated electronic-book reader on Monday in New York,  an industry source tells CNET. In the works for more than a year, the Kindle is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that taps into an Amazon e-book store, which users can access... More »

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