Ian Wilmut

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Scientist Who Cloned Dolly Dead at 58

Keith Campbell's idea prompted first adult mammal cloning

(Newser) - A British cell biologist central to the cloning of the first adult mammal died at his home in England last Friday, aged 58. Keith Campbell and colleague Ian Wilmut announced their success with cloning Dolly the sheep in 1997, achieving what experts had believed impossible—and sparking a major ethical... More »

Dolly Scientist Dumps Embryo Cloning Method

Switches to less controversial Japanese technique

(Newser) - The scientist who created the cloned sheep Dolly is now abandoning the technique he pioneered in favor of a rival method of cell modification developed in Japan. The Japanese approach, which genetically manipulates adult human cells, has proven less controversial than embryonic stem cell research. But scientist Ian Wilmut insists... More »

2 Stories