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Huge Check in Kettle Stuns Salvation Army

Half a million dollars

(Newser) - An anonymous couple in Minneapolis just raised the bar in a big way for all those dropping spare change into Salvation Army kettles. They quietly dropped in a check for $500,000 outside a Cub Foods store, reports the Pioneer Press . "The check did clear and was deposited in... More »

'The Dress' Ad Goes Viral, Too

Is Salvation Army message on domestic violence on target or too frivolous?

(Newser) - Last week's viral sensation— what color is the The Dress —is this week's viral ad. As you may have seen, the Salvation Army in South Africa piggy-backed on the dress meme to deliver a public service announcement about domestic violence, notes Mashable . "Why is it so... More »

Man Returns $125K So Grandkids Will Be Proud

Police officer says Joe Cornell is one in a million

(Newser) - Joe Cornell was volunteering on Tuesday at a Salvation Army in Fresno where he attends a rehab program when he noticed something a bit odd. A car had pulled up beside a Brinks truck that was stopped at a light and someone inside said something to its driver. Yet the... More »

Roommates Return $40K Found in Old Sofa

Cash was widow's life savings

(Newser) - A 91-year-old widow in New York state has been reunited with her life savings thanks to the honesty of three young roommates who found the cash in a beat-up sofa they bought from the Salvation Army. Months after buying the couch, the trio were astonished to discover $40,000 stashed... More »

My Stint as a Transgender Bell-Ringer in Salvation Army

Jennifer Finney Boylan faces dilemma between group's work and values

(Newser) - The Salvation Army has, in recent years, made waves for anti-LGBT views, not least one rep's comment that gays "deserve death." Would the group tolerate a transgender woman taking up bell-ringing? Jennifer Finney Boylan tells her story in the New York Times . She opted to volunteer before... More »

Fed-Up Lady Calls Cops on Bell Ringer

Sarah Hamilton-Parker says Salvation Army ringers violate noise ordinance

(Newser) - Sarah Hamilton-Parker is sick of the Salvation Army bell ringers that set up shop outside the New Hampshire store where she works—so this year, she called the cops on the very first day of bell ringing. “I listen to this for 200 hours a year,” she tells... More »

Salvation Army Rep: Gays Should Die

Organization rejects official's statement

(Newser) - A Salvation Army official, charged with, of all things, media relations, has ignited a firestorm over the charity's stance on homosexuality: Appearing on an Australian radio show, Major Andrew Craibe was asked about a Salvation Army doctrine that decrees gays "deserve death." Responded Craibe in a story... More »

Charities Take Biggest Hit in 20 Years

Donations are down 11%, report finds

(Newser) - Charitable donations plunged 11% in 2009, the worst drop in 20 years, a new report has found. The Philanthropy 400, to be released today by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, found that even the country's top charities, such as the United Way and the Salvation Army, were hit hard by the... More »

Couple Busted After Finding, Keeping Suitcase Full of Cash

Australians charged with 'theft by finding,' kept $100K

(Newser) - Imagine this: You buy an old suitcase from the Salvation Army, get it home, and discover that it has $100,000 hidden in its lining. It’s your lucky day right? Well, not if you live in Australia. A Melbourne-area couple who found themselves in that situation have been arrested... More »

Salvation Army Takes Plastic

Charity tests 'cashless kettle' program

(Newser) - The Salvation Army's red kettles that collect holiday donations—a symbol for over 100 years—are getting an update. Numerous sites across the country will take credit cards this year as part of a pilot program dubbed "cashless kettles." Earlier tests suggest that the program has promise: in... More »

World's Most Legendary Bars

(Newser) - Even the most enjoyable vacation can leave you in need of a drink, and bars make great, offbeat places to learn about the history of your destination. The staff of shares its favorite legendary watering holes with Reuters:
  • Harry’s Bar, Venice: Famed Hemingway haunt claims to have
... More »

Posh Salvation Army Centers Sputter in Downturn

(Newser) - A multi-billion-dollar plan to install upscale Salvation Army community centers in US cities has hit the recession skids, the New York Times reports. Joan B. Kroc, widow of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, left $1.8 billion for the Army to build some 30 complexes featuring pools and ice rinks.... More »

Cutbacks Hit Faith-Based Charities as Need Rises

Slashed state budgets leave programs with reduced funding

(Newser) - The recession has hit faith-based charities hard, threatening to cut off vital services for the sick, poor, and elderly, the Washington Post reports. With state and local budgets strapped for cash, contracts and grants for the groups—including the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities—have been slashed or delayed across... More »

Economy Spells Weary Christmas for Toy Charities

Donations off as much as 30%, some say

(Newser) - Across the country, charities that dole out gifts to underprivileged kids have seen donations fall off steeply compared to last holiday season, USA Today reports. Some are reporting as much as a 30% decline in giving as the economy flags. “Families that would normally have been helping us by... More »

Is Your Castoff Their Cross?

$1B in Western clothes flood poorer nations and may undercut businesses

(Newser) - When you gave away last year's clothes, you probably didn't think that poor nations would pay big bucks for them. Yet castoffs are a $1 billion business, the Spectator reports, and may be threatening African cotton growers by flooding their nascent markets. Oxfam argues that its castoffs create jobs—washers,... More »

Lead Toys Get Charities Grinchy

Checking endless recall lists saps limited resources for many

(Newser) - Rampant toy recalls are putting a real cramp in the holiday spirit at many charities, MSNBC reports. Toy drives must devote so much manpower to checking donations against lists of lead-contaminated recalls that many have stopped the Santa act entirely. “You don’t know what you’re getting, you... More »

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