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Olympic Snowboarder Lands 'Gruesomely,' Breaks Neck

Markus Schairer of Austria fell with such force his goggles flew off

(Newser) - Pick the wilder of the two following sentences: Markus Schairer broke his neck during a quarterfinal race in snowboard cross at the Winter Olympics Thursday. The Austrian stood up and finished the race. USA Today reports the accident occurred during the final jump of the course, with Schairer landing "... More »

Guy Drives to the Hospital With a Branch in His Neck

40-year-old mountain biker is lucky to be alive, doctors say

(Newser) - Keeping calm after, say, getting impaled by a tree branch might just save your life, doctors say. Take the example of a 40-year-old man who took a tumble while mountain biking in New Mexico. When he dusted himself off, he found the left side of his neck had been impaled... More »

George HW Bush Leaves Hospital

Former president is 'very grateful' to head home after broken neck bone

(Newser) - Four days after he entered the hospital rather abruptly with a broken neck bone suffered in a fall , former President George HW Bush—at an apparently sprightly 91 years of age—has left the hospital in Portland, Maine, reports ABC News . "A very grateful President @GeorgeHWBush was discharged today,... More »

Texting Puts 60 Pounds of Weight on Your Neck

Researchers warn of possible need for future surgery

(Newser) - Your Facebook-checking, constant-texting lifestyle may be taking a toll on your neck. Looking down at your phone can put a strain on your neck equivalent to the weight of 60 pounds, a study finds. To put that in perspective, 60 pounds is the weight of an 8-year-old or four bowling... More »

Doctor Breaks Neck, Sees Reality of Hospital Care

A Harvard physician undergoes treatment for nightmare injury

(Newser) - Arnold Relman was in pretty good shape for a 90-year-old—until the day he fell down the stairs and fractured three vertebrae in his neck, he writes in the New York Review of Books . He was rushed to Massachusetts General, where a crack medical team saved his life by performing... More »

En Route to Daily Show, a Not-So-Funny Incident

3 injured in Biden motorcade wreck

(Newser) - Three people were injured tonight when New York police clearing the way for Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart collided with a livery cab trying to skirt the stopped traffic. “They T-boned him,” a witness told the Post of the incident,... More »

Last Rites for Priest

Re-aggravation of neck injury cuts KC running back's comeback short

(Newser) - Priest Holmes's remarkable return to football ended with a whimper as he announced his second retirement, reports the Kansas City Star. Holmes, whose career initially ended two years ago due to neck injury, experienced tingling and numbness in last Sunday's game against Indianapolis; doctors subsequently advised him to hang up... More »

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