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To Dodge a Drinking Ban, They Built an Island

New Zealanders enjoyed NYE in 'international waters'

(Newser) - Some islands are created by underwater volcanic eruptions . This one was the work of New Zealanders who wanted to drink outside without being fined by police. A group of Kiwis on the Coromandel Peninsula, where drinking alcoholic beverages outside in public places was banned over the New Year period, dodged... More »

French Riot Cops Battle Lunchtime Booze Ban

Police threaten to strike if they can't have beer, wine with meals

(Newser) - French riot police are threatening to go on strike unless authorities restore their right to drink on the job. The force used to be allowed to have beer or wine with lunch—alcoholic beverages were even included in packed lunches. But authorities banned drinking on duty after photos appeared of... More »

Party's Over for San Diego's Floating Drinkers

Boozing on rafts now banned

(Newser) - San Diego's city council has closed a loophole that allowed partygoers to dodge a ban on drinking on the beach by boozing just offshore instead. Wording in the original ban defined beach as land only, leading to "Floatopia" parties which saw thousands of people drinking on rafts and inner... More »

Woman Banned From Every UK Bar Arrested for Drinking

Laura Hall also swore at a cop

(Newser) - Note to Laura Hall: Once you’ve been banned from every bar in the United Kingdom, it’s probably not a good idea to drunkenly yell at a police officer that you “want to go to the f****** offie to buy some beer!” But that is what Hall... More »

Woman Banned From Every UK Bar

Laura Wilson, 20, gets a 2-year timeout from booze

(Newser) - A 20-year-old woman is the first person ever banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England or Wales. The police issued Laura Hall a Drinking Banning Order, which prohibits her from entering bars, pubs, clubs, or other establishments that sell alcohol. If she does, she risks a $3,800... More »

Frank, Chicago Isn't Your Kind of Town Anymore

Windy City's restrictive policies crimping its carefree rep

(Newser) - The gritty home of the Bulls and Bears is turning soft, Radley Balko gripes in the Chicago Tribune. The Windy City has developed a nasty case of paternalism that’s trampling the rights of its people to smoke, drink, and eat trans fats freely—and even ranked last in a... More »

Barkeep, Make That Cellphone a Double

Inventive drinkers beat beach booze bans with flasks, strap-on beer 'bellies'

(Newser) - Is that a beer belly or a Beerbelly? And is that guy drinking from a flip-flop? As more and more beaches try to enforce drinking bans, inventors are doing their boozy best to outwit them, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Flip-flop flasks, booze-filled fake cellphones, and soft drink covers that... More »

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