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Science Students Have Bad News for Cinderella, Superman

Physics don't support either of them, apparently

(Newser) - Sorry Cinderella, you never would have married the handsome Prince. And Superman? Bringing Lois Lane back from the dead would have destroyed all life on Earth. These are among the hard-bitten conclusions students reached in an online physics journal—and not only because writing about imaginary characters is fun, National ... More »

Magical Cinderella 'Sparkles'

New fairy tale flick updates story, stays true to original

(Newser) - There are sure to be a few people buying tickets to Cinderella this weekend simply to see Frozen Fever , which precedes it. If they stick around after the short, though, they might just witness a little magic courtesy of Cate Blanchett, Lily James, and Richard Madden. Here's what critics... More »

Get Ready for More Frozen

New short coming next spring—and yes, there's a new song

(Newser) - Can't get enough of Disney's Frozen? You're in luck. Your favorite characters from the most successful animated feature ever will return in a new short, Frozen Fever, airing sometime next spring. Once again Elsa's icy powers will wreak havoc, this time at Anna's birthday party,... More »

March Madness Underdogs to Root For

They may not win your bracket contest, but they're fun teams

(Newser) - It's that time of year again. Time to fill out a bracket and form deep opinions about dozens of college basketball teams you've barely heard of. Yes, March Madness is upon us (you can download a bracket here ), and that means it's time to look for... More »

Winehouse Charged in New Assault

This time, singer roughs up employee at Cinderella performance

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse made quite a scene at the theater this past weekend and has been charged with assault as a result. \Winehouse attended a stage production of Cinderella, which was fine until police say she started shouting things like “He's f---ing behind you” and “F--- Cinders, Prince Charming,... More »

'Hermione' to Star With Marilyn Manson

She's going from the pal of a boy wizard to a Goth rocker

(Newser) - When Emma Watson said she was ready to leave Harry Potter behind, she meant it. The actor—whose only major role so far has been Hermione in the Potter films—is reportedly teaming up with shock rocker Marilyn Manson for her next project, playing a princess in a musical Goth... More »

Dreams Come True for Enchanted Star

Longtime supporting actress Adams revels in box office success

(Newser) - Movie princess Amy Adams can't wait to see what happens after her fairy tale's "happily ever after" ending, she tells MTV. Her hit musical Enchanted pulled in $50 million over the Thanksgiving weekend and looks like an early awards favorite, meaning the the veteran actress-turned-overnight sensation's years in the... More »

7 Stories