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FDA Bans Sales of 4 Brands of Cigarettes

They don't meet safety review requirements

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is ordering a ban on sales of four cigarette brands from RJ Reynolds because they do not meet the agency's safety review requirements. Under FDA rules, companies that launch new cigarettes must show that the products are essentially the same as older products in... More »

RJ Reynolds Hit for $23.6B in Smoking Lawsuit

Lawyer: Jury message is 'tobacco cannot continue to lie to the American people'

(Newser) - RJ Reynolds is about $23.6 billion poorer after a Florida jury awarded a widow a whopping $23.6 billion in damages over her husband's death from lung cancer. As the Pensacola News Journal notes, it's one of the largest verdicts ever against a tobacco company, and a... More »

Tobacco Defender in Congress Now Paid Lobbyist

Steve Buyer once compared it to lettuce

(Newser) - It takes a man of strong conviction to stand up in Congress and compare tobacco to lettuce—he was talking about the smokeless variety, but still. Well, Steve Buyer is no longer a congressman, and, hey, what do you know, he just landed a job as consultant and lobbyist for... More »

Judge: Graphic Smoking Images Are Unconstitutional

Big Tobacco wins a round in court over proposed warnings

(Newser) - Tobacco companies can't be forced to put ultra-graphic images on cigarette packages and advertising to scare away smokers, a federal judge ruled today. The FDA requirement, which was supposed to go into effect later this year, violates the companies' free-speech rights, declared US District Judge Richard Leon in Washington,... More »

Dead Smoker's Daughter Awarded $80M

Jury finds RJ Reynolds 90% responsible for death

(Newser) - The daughter of a man who died of lung cancer after smoking for 60 years has been awarded $80 million by a Florida jury. The jury decided that tobacco giant RJ Reynolds was 90% responsible for the man's death at the age of 76, and ordered the company to pay... More »

Big Tobacco Sues Over 'Disgusting' Anti-Smoking Posters

Firms seek to quash graphic NYC ads

(Newser) - Images of cancerous lungs, rotting teeth, and brain damage caused by smoking are "unappetizing," complain lawyers for tobacco companies suing New York City. RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, and Lorillard are taking the city to court over anti-smoking ads that stores selling cigarettes are now legally required to post... More »

Reynolds Buys Firm That Makes Anti-Smoking Tools

Could be the first tobacco giant to sell smokes and nicotine gum

(Newser) - Talk about covering all the bases. Tobacco giant Reynolds American is buying a Swedish company that makes products to help people stop smoking. Reynolds will pay $44 million to purchase Niconovum AB, which makes nicotine gum, mouth spray, and pouches. Reynolds will need FDA approval to sell the products in... More »

'Winston Man' Dies of Cancer Amidst Trial

Actor was set to testify against tobacco giant RJ Reynolds

(Newser) - Alan Landers, the one-time face of Winston cigarettes, has died at 68 of lung and throat cancer in the middle of a multi-million dollar legal action against his former employers, the Guardian reports. Landers, who was to testify next month, was among about 9,000 Florida smokers suing cigarette companies... More »

Joe Camel Ads Look Bad for Tobacco Giant

8 states sue over Rolling Stone insert; RJ Reynolds faces $100M in fines

(Newser) - Eight states are suing RJ Reynolds, alleging that an ad for Camel cigarettes in Rolling Stone last month violates a 1998 agreement not to use cartoons in advertising cigarettes. The states seek $100 for every magazine distributed and for every hit on the tobacco giant's associated website, the AP reports.... More »

Tobacco Giant Drops Print Ads for 2008

RJ Reynolds says Rolling Stone flap not an issue in decision

(Newser) - RJ Reynolds won’t buy print ads next year, a break with the tobacco giant's tradition of using newspapers and magazines to reach customers, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. The announcement came the same day an anti-smoking group lambasted RJR and Rolling Stone for four pages of ads abutting a Nov.... More »

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