National Texting Championship

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Teen Wins Back-to-Back Speed-Texting Titles

'America's fastest texter' takes home $50K

(Newser) - Austin Wierschke and his furiously fast thumbs have won the National Texting Competition for the second year running. The 17-year-old from Wisconsin will take home $50,000 in prize money after out-texting ten rivals at the competition in New York City's Times Square, reports AP . "It feels incredible,... More »

Thumbs of Fury at the National Texting Competition

21-year-old champ is bested by newer blood

(Newser) - If you're over 20, you're already doomed, says intrepid Wired reporter Neil Janowitz of his attempt to compete in the National Texting Championship. Three hundred entrants competed for $25K in New York City, and the 21-year-old reigning West Coast champ was eventually defeated by newer blood—a 13-year-old. More »

2 Stories