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Glaxo Buying Human Genome Sciences

After big drug failure in 2011, Human Genome failed to find higher bid

(Newser) - British pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline is poised to announce a $2.8 billion takeover of Human Genome Sciences, perhaps as early as today, reports Reuters . US-based Human Genome, which uses the human DNA sequence to develop drugs, balked at Glaxo's original $2.6 billion offer and said it would go... More »

Kraft Makes Hostile Bid for Cadbury

Offer values UK company at $16.3B

(Newser) - Kraft launched a hostile bid for UK candy giant Cadbury today. The offer values the company at more than $16 billion and asks Cadbury shareholders to accept a merger that its executives rejected, the Wall Street Journal reports. Kraft, which hopes to boost sales by gaining exposure to new markets,... More »

Roche Gets Genentech in $46.8B Biotech Deal

(Newser) - Swiss drug giant Roche has succeeded in its quest to own biotech firm Genentech outright, and will purchase the 44% of shares it does not already own for $95 each, the San Francisco Chronicle reports today. The $46.8 billion deal comes after months of haggling, wherein Roche offered as... More »

Booming China Flexing Its M&A Muscle

Chinese companies snap up $42B in foreign assets so far in 2008

(Newser) - Chinese companies are on a buying binge, snapping up $42 billion worth of foreign assets in the first 6 months of 2008. That's a 500% increase over the previous year, and equal to the combined value of takeovers from 2000 to 2006, reports DealBook in the New York Times. And,... More »

InBev Brews Plan to Oust Anheuser-Busch Directors

Company turns to shareholders in merger

(Newser) - InBev is turning up the heat in its $46.35-billion attempt to take over St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, seeking to replace the company's board with a new slate of directors. The move aims to allow shareholders a direct say on the merger bid that was spurned last month, reports the Wall ... More »

Budweiser to Reject InBev Offer

Anheuser-Busch now may face a hostile takeover bid

(Newser) - Anheuser-Busch plans to reject Belgian brewer InBev's $46 billion offer to buy the company, the Wall Street Journal reports. The decision is not expected to deter InBev, however, which could launch a hostile takeover bid, the Journal notes. InBev wants to acquire the St. Louis brewer—the maker of Budweiser—... More »

Belgians Eye $46B Anheuser-Busch Takeover

InBev prepared to go hostile to grab control of American brewing giant

(Newser) - A Belgian brewing giant whose brands include Stella Artois is contemplating a $46 billion takeover of Anheuser-Busch, the Financial Times reports today. If CEO August Busch IV denies Belgium's InBev, as he reportedly did in October, the company may go directly to shareholders. InBev is also contemplating a partnership with... More »

Icahn Grabs Yahoo Stake, Could Try to Force Sale

Investor has bought 4% interest since Microsoft dropped bid; decision tomorrow

(Newser) - A new player has entered the Microsoft-Yahoo epic, the Wall Street Journal reports: billionaire investor Carl Icahn. He has bought about a 4% stake in Yahoo since Microsoft withdrew its offer to buy on May 3. Icahn will decide by tomorrow whether to launch an attempt to take over Yahoo's... More »

Microsoft Edges Toward Hostile Bid

Ballmer, still on fence last night, expected to move on Yahoo today

(Newser) - Microsoft appears to be edging closer to a hostile bid for Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal reports; an announcement of the company's next move is expected today. Price will be a key factor: CEO Steve Ballmer told employees yesterday he won't pay a "dime above" what he thinks Yahoo... More »

Microsoft Still Pondering Yahoo Options

Decision to go hostile, raise bid, or walk away up to CEO Ballmer

(Newser) - Microsoft's board met yesterday to discuss the next move in its bid for Yahoo but didn't make a decision, the Wall Street Journal reports. Directors have given CEO Steve Ballmer broad leeway to decide between going hostile or walking away from the bid, and insiders say it could still go... More »

Ballmer May Seek Middle Path on Yahoo

Microsoft could nominate proxy slate, wait on hostile offer

(Newser) - Steve Ballmer's next move on Yahoo is expected momentarily, and one option is to nominate a proxy slate for the board of directors, the Wall Street Journal reports, but hold off on making a new hostile bid for the company. Microsoft could buy time for setting a new price for... More »

Microsoft's Price Wasn't Right: Yahoo Offer Expires

Talks quietly die after Yahoo demands $35 a share

(Newser) - Microsoft may get nasty now that its deadline for a friendly Yahoo purchase expired yesterday. Talks died quietly after Microsoft refused to up its offer from $29.68 a share on Friday; Yahoo execs wanted $35. Microsoft could now press Yahoo, tack back the offer, or deal directly with Yahoo... More »

Yahoo Board Meets as Buyout Options Grow

Microsoft likeliest buyer but battle heats up

(Newser) - Yahoo's board meets today to examine the options for avoiding a hostile takeover by Microsoft, the Wall Street Journal reports. Experts think a Microsoft grab is still the most likely scenario, but the situation has grown increasingly complicated in the midst of discussions of an AOL-Yahoo merger, Yahoo's proposed trial... More »

Yahoo, AOL May Merge; Murdoch-Microsoft In Talks

Two Internet-shaking deals stem from Microsoft-Yahoo talks

(Newser) - Two groundbreaking Internet deals are in the works, both related to Microsoft's desire to take over Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal reports. In one, Yahoo is considering combining its online operations with Time Warner's AOL. In the other, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is in talks to join Microsoft in its... More »

Microsoft Threatens Hostile Takeover of Yahoo

Corporation promises proxy battle, threatens lower buyout price

(Newser) - Yahoo has 3 weeks to accept Microsoft’s takeover before things get hostile, Microsoft warned in a letter to Yahoo execs today. “The substantial premium reflected in our initial proposal anticipated a friendly transaction,” wrote Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who promised a proxy director battle and implied a... More »

EA Gets Hostile in 'Grand Theft' Takeover Bid

Video game maker plans to bypass Take-Two management

(Newser) - Electronic Arts is renewing its $2 billion bid to take over rival Take-Two Interactive—but this time the offer will go directly to the video game maker's shareholders, in a sign the potential deal may be turning hostile, reports the Wall Street Journal. EA’s initial offer was rejected by... More »

Yahoo Buys Time to Delay Proxy Battle

May postpone meeting to pursue talks with Microsoft, AOL

(Newser) - Yahoo may postpone its annual meeting to delay a proxy battle with Microsoft, reports the New York Times. The move would temporarily fend off a hostile takeover bid by the computer giant, and buy Yahoo some time to weigh its options, including a negotiated deal with Microsoft and a merger... More »

Microsoft to Engineer Proxy Fight for Yahoo's Board

Ballmer, Gates playing hardball

(Newser) - Rather than raise its $44.6 billion hostile takeover bid, Microsoft will start a proxy fight at Yahoo, with an eye to nominating a slate of directors for the board by mid-March. The hardball tactic will cost less than upping the bid—$20 million or $30 million will pay a... More »

Microsoft Mulls Ways to Up Ante

Software giant deciding between very dirty tricks and somewhat dirty tricks

(Newser) - Just how hostile Microsoft’s takeover bid for Yahoo becomes is up to one man: Christopher Liddell, the mostly anonymous former banker masterminding the deal, the New York Times reports. Microsoft could simply raise its offer, or it could try some old-fashioned Wall Street strong-arming. “You have to be... More »

Aluminum Giant Makes Play for Rival

Alcoa's $26.9 hostile takeover bid for Alcan comes after years of merger talks

(Newser) - Aluminum titan Alcoa is hoping to get its largest rival, Alcan, to melt under a hostile takeover bid, after merger talks between the two companies collapsed. Alcoa, the world's largest aluminum company, has offered $26.9 billion for its Canadian competitor in an effort to beat out the emerging market... More »

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