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PC Marketing Drops the Technobabble

'Fact tags' only confused customers: Intel exec

(Newser) - PC makers seem to have gotten the hint and are beginning to hawk their wares not with dazzling technobabble but with information useful to the average consumer, the New York Times reports. For years, tech concerns have touted their achievements in impenetrable language on “fact tags” (DDR2 RAM, anyone?),... More »

Dell to Sell Factories as It Retools Strategy

PC maker will shed infrastructure in effort to stay competitive

(Newser) - Dell is looking to sell off its computer factories, the Wall Street Journal reports, drastically altering a business model that was once the envy of the industry. Journal sources say the aim is to sell most, if not all, of the plants in the next 18 months; most likely buyers... More »

Dell Jumps on Cheap Notebook Trend

Caters to emerging low-cost high-mobility market

(Newser) - Cheap, small notebooks look like the next big thing. Dell today announced it was jumping into the burgeoning segment, which doesn’t quite have a name yet—some call them netbooks, others mini-notebooks, still others ultramobile PCs or UMPCs. Dell’s machine will start at $399, and sport a wee... More »

PC Makers Aim Overseas

US remains biggest market as demand in other skyrockets

(Newser) - PC makers are increasingly setting their sights on markets outside the US, which are making up an ever-larger share of the worldwide computer market, USA Today reports. PC sales are growing in the US, still the world’s largest market, but are rising much faster elsewhere. Last year, the US... More »

Investors Worry Dell's Road to Recovery is Too Rocky

Quarterly earnings announcement prompts big Wall Street selloff

(Newser) - Computer-maker Dell’s rollercoaster ride isn’t over and it’s left investors woozy. Despite increasing net income 27% in third quarter earnings released yesterday, Dell shares slipped nearly 10% in after hours trading, giving back nearly everything the stock gained leading up to the report and underlining CEO Michael... More »

5 Stories