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Got $1K? You Can Bid on Vacant Detroit Homes

City sets starting bids low in new revitalization project

(Newser) - Real-estate bargain hunters might want to check out Detroit's new plan to revitalize its neighborhoods. The city will put 15 vacant homes up for auction next month, with starting bids at just $1,000, reports the Detroit News . One house per day will be sold, and when this batch... More »

Driver Hits Kid, Stops, Gets Beaten Up

And robbed, too

(Newser) - A Detroit driver's truck hit an 11-year-old boy yesterday, but the boy is in better condition than the driver—because after he stopped and got out to check on the boy, he was beaten by a crowd of onlookers. "He got his," one anonymous witness tells USA ... More »

Mummified Detroit Woman Somehow Voted in 2010

Pia Farrenkopf case investigated as homicide

(Newser) - It's unclear how she managed it, but a woman who is thought to have died in 2008 apparently voted in the 2010 midterm elections. That woman: Pia Farrenkopf, believed to be the identity of the person found mummified in a garage in Pontiac, Mich. Voting records show Farrenkopf voted... More »

Cop Accused of Assaulting Woman Who Called for Help

Detroit officer charged with sex offenses

(Newser) - In the heinous-if-true department: A Detroit cop has been suspended amid allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman who called 911 for help, reports MLive . Prosecutors say officer Deon Nunlee and his partner answered a domestic violence call from a woman who said her boyfriend had assaulted her. While Nunlee'... More »

How Mummified Michigan Woman Went Unnoticed

Pia Farrenkopf died in her garage, had bills on autopay

(Newser) - Her name was Pia Farrenkopf. Authorities haven't confirmed it yet through dental records, but it's fairly certain that the mummified remains found in a garage in Pontiac, Mich., this week are Farrenkopf's. She would have been 49 today, but the best guess is that she died in... More »

Mummified Body Found at Foreclosed Detroit Home

Woman who owned house apparently died years ago inside vehicle in garage

(Newser) - The body of a woman whom neighbors say they last saw several years ago was found in an SUV parked in the garage of a foreclosed home northwest of Detroit. An employee of a property management company working for a bank that now owns the house stumbled upon the body... More »

4 Shot In Detroit After Tax-Refund Argument

Dispute began because refund check wasn't ready

(Newser) - Four people were shot at a tax-preparation office in Detroit yesterday, and it reportedly happened after a woman got upset her refund check wasn't ready. The office's co-owner said that when the woman and two others were asked to leave for being disruptive, one of them pulled out... More »

Pension Cuts, Blight Fixes Highlight Detroit Plan

Some retirees face cuts of up to 34%

(Newser) - So how does a city $18 billion in debt go about ending the biggest municipal bankruptcy in US history? Detroit's emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, offered the broad strokes of the city's "adjustment plan" today:
  • Pension cuts: General city retirees face cuts of up to 34%, while police
... More »

Victim's Mother the Suspect in Mich. Body Parts Mystery

Cops believe Donna Kay Scrivo killed, dismembered son

(Newser) - A horrific twist in the already horrific case of bags of body parts dumped on a Michigan highway : Police now believe the person who murdered and dismembered 32-year-old Ramsay Scrivo was the victim's own mother, the Detroit Free Press reports. Donna Kay Scrivo, who had been staying with her... More »

Found on Michigan Highway: 5 Bags of Body Parts

Investigators have labeled case a homicide

(Newser) - Michigan police are investigating a gruesome discovery made on a highway just outside of Detroit yesterday: five bags containing human body parts. Police were reportedly called to the scene when a passerby contacted them after looking inside the garbage bags and finding human remains inside, including a head and a... More »

Michigan Official: Let's 'Herd all the Indians' to Detroit

In Florida, meanwhile, a candidate wants Obama hanged

(Newser) - Today's adventures in classy political discourse include a Michigan lawmaker who thinks Detroit should be turned into a "reservation" for Native Americans and a Florida candidate who wants President Obama hanged:
  • Detroit: In an interview with the New Yorker , Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said this: “
... More »

4-Year-Old Kills 4-Year-Old in Detroit

'Long gun' was loaded, under bed

(Newser) - A neighbor asks the obvious question: "I was wondering why two 4-year-olds have access to a gun in the first place." That after tragedy struck in Detroit late yesterday afternoon, when a 4-year-old girl shot her 4-year-old male cousin, killing him. Police are calling it a "tragic,... More »

Detroit's Hot New Economy: Misery Tourism

Step right up and see all the depressing, abandoned buildings!

(Newser) - Detroit's economy is famously not exactly booming, but the city does have one burgeoning industry: Tourism. Since the city declared bankruptcy , hotels tell the LA Times that they've seen more visitors coming intent on gawking at some of the city's roughly 78,000 abandoned buildings. Restaurants in... More »

Judge OKs Detroit Bankruptcy, Pension Cuts

Judge says filing was 'foregone conclusion'

(Newser) - A federal judge today gave Detroit the bankruptcy protection it sought, dismissing challenges from banks and labor unions, the Detroit News reports. Vested pensions aren't subject to any special protections either, Judge Steven Rhodes said; they're just contracts like any other, and "it has long been understood... More »

Detroit Teen Uses Wood to Knock Friend Off Live Wire

Boy brushed against wire from downed power line

(Newser) - A 13-year-old Detroit boy thought fast when his friend was nearly electrocuted this morning: He used a piece of wood to knock the 14-year-old off the live wire, and may have saved his friend's life—while remaining unharmed himself. The boys were walking home from school, which was closed... More »

Man Charged With Killing of Teen Seeking Help

Theodore Wafer accused of 2nd-degree murder in death of Renisha McBride

(Newser) - The man who shot a 19-year-old in the face after she knocked on his door seeking help after a car accident will be charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced today. Officials are asking Theodore Wafer, 54, to turn himself in, and they expect to... More »

Detroit Teen Seeking Help Was Shot in Face: Autopsy

Lawyer says McBride confused, bleeding after crash

(Newser) - The Detroit teenager killed by a homeowner after a late-night car accident was shot in the face, not the back, an autopsy has confirmed. The family of Renisha McBride, 19, says she was seeking help after the crash when she was killed by a man in the suburb of Dearborn... More »

Fire Burns Eminem's Childhood Home in Detroit

The house is pictured on two of the singer's albums

(Newser) - A fire has burned the childhood home of rapper Eminem in Detroit. Local media report that crews responded last night to the boarded-up bungalow, which is pictured on the cover of Eminem's just-released The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It also was on the musician's 2000 album The Marshall ... More »

Homeowner: I Shot Teen Seeking Help Accidentally

He tells cops gun discharged by accident, killing Renisha McBride

(Newser) - The homeowner who allegedly shot and killed a Detroit teen after her car crashed and she sought help at his house told police it was an accident, the Detroit Free Press reports. Renisha McBride's family has said the 19-year-old was shot in the back of the head as she... More »

Teen Seeks Help After Crash, Homeowner Kills Her

Detroit family asks: Why didn't he call 911?

(Newser) - Seeking help turned out to be deadly for a black Detroit teen after her car broke down in the suburb of Dearborn Heights. Police say Renisha McBride, 19, was killed by a shotgun blast to the head on a man's front porch at around 2:30am Saturday, reports the... More »

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