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10 Best US Companies to Work For

The top firm boasts employee 'mindfulness' rooms and 56 paid hours yearly for volunteering

(Newser) - Finding a place to punch in where no one watches the clock all day is every employee's dream, and Fortune has compiled a list of the US companies that just might fit the bill. The magazine looked at feedback from more than 315,000 employees of companies that have... More »

Mitt and 'Bibi': Closer Than You Might Think

Romney and Netanyahu have been friends since the '70s

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has a close ally in the Middle East—so close that the GOP contender defers to him on issues, chats with him in near-shorthand, and once offered him his Rolodex, the New York Times reports. Romney's friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dates back to the... More »

SEC Dumps Millions on Consultants

And critics say it's not getting its money's worth

(Newser) - The Securities and Exchange Commission is, by its own admission, something of an organizational mess right now, so it's done what many corporations have done: called in consultants. In less than a year, the SEC has spent more than $8.5 million on consultants, Reuters reports, hiring first the... More »

10 Firms Destined to Be Global Giants

Mexico, Brazil, India home to booming companies

(Newser) - American companies should sleep with one eye open: These firms may not be familiar right now, but they're poised to "reshape global industries," the Boston Consulting Group says. CNN lists 10 standouts, based on BCG's 2008 Global Challengers report.
  1. Johnson Electric (China): Produces small motors designed for cars
... More »

4 Stories