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Three in 4 Americans Hit By Cyber Crime

According to Norton study, two-thirds of all web surfers are victims

(Newser) - A whopping 65% of all web surfers and 73% of Americans have been the victim of online crime, according to a new survey from Symantec—the company behind Norton Anti-Virus. That makes the US the fourth-most victimized country in the world, behind China (83%) and India and Brazil (each 76%),... More »

For Sale: 1.5M Facebook Accounts

Hacker 'Kirllos' may have stolen personal info of 1 in 300 users

(Newser) - An industrious hacker may have stolen the login and password of 1 out of every 300 Facebook users. Posts made under the name "Kirllos" on a hacker forum advertise a store of 1.5 million Facebook accounts for sale. The logins and passwords may be bogus, or they may... More »

Cyber Crooks Hiring Online

Sites openly advertise for help spreading malware

(Newser) - Exciting work-from-home opportunities are being offered to tech geeks happy to break the law serving the scum of the Internet. Cyber crooks seeking to steal bank and credit card details are openly advertising for people to help spread malicious code by linking it to something people will click on, according... More »

Hackers Spread Coupon Scam

Online fakes could cost millions, and take years, to clean up

(Newser) - An online coupon scam could cost manufacturers millions, and years, to clean up, the Seattle Times reports. A California company says coupons it created as part of a marketing pitch were hacked and distributed across the internet. The firm responded by canceling all coupons related to the scheme, embarrassing even... More »

Patch for Major Security Flaw Is Ineffective

Widely distributed fix for Internet failing only slows the damage

(Newser) - A fatal flaw in Internet security has a patch, but it’s a leaky one, the New York Times reports. Yesterday, a Russian scientist demonstrated an attack that secretly redirected web traffic. It took him just hours using standard equipment; before the patch, it would have taken seconds. Thieves could... More »

A Brothel Manager's Guidebook

Lessons learned from Spitzer's favorite online escort service

(Newser) - There are important lessons to be gleaned from Eliot Spitzer’s shenanigans. Namely: how to effectively run a brothel for the well-to-do. Using cached pages from the now-defunct Emperors Club website, Josh Levin lays out a business plan in Slate.
  1. Keep out the riff-raff: 92% of the club’s clients
... More »

'Little Emperors' Run Riot in China

Single-child pressures & tech revolution blamed in crime surge

(Newser) - China is seeing an explosion in youth crime, and the effects of the one-child policy  and sweeping social and technological change are thought to be partly to blame, reports Reuters. Juvenile delinquency has doubled in the last decade, with offenders getting bolder and more innovative. "They are committing new... More »

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